the mix up


1. introduction ^_^

natalies pov; i am natalie blair,i usually am the kind of quiet girl unless  im around friends and my sister but i have tons of friends as many as the popular girls but im not one of them,me and my sister may be different when it comes to caring about family but were practiccly twins eve if were not really sisters ..theres some mystery for you there ;)  Allisons pov;  my name is allison  walker. i waS NEVER  someone people think would stand out in a crowd i had lots of friends bbut wasnt a popular kid.never was never will be . i had lots of friends but not too many i mean i wouldnt ever act rude or be a complete bitch to anyone mostly because i hate how people do that and also cause i always got bullied....because of a certain mix up that had happened with me and my sister natalie blair, i know what your probabbly thinking how is she my sister when we have different last names well its quite a story . so here it is .............

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