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Hi my name is Olivia.My cousin is Louis Tomlinson...yes THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! We have always been close because we lived beside each other.When Louis left for X-factor i barely ever saw him.But when Louis come back after x-factor with his new best freinds/band mates two of the five fall for her. Who will she pick? The Irish Cutie or the English cheeky chap? Read to find out......

First Movella !! No hate for anything please.


3. Happy Ending?


Chapter 2: Happy ending?



I watched the live shows every weekend never leaving the couch(seti-sofa ect.) once. Always having little parties every Sunday night after they got through.I skyped Louis at least once or twice a week. It was Thursday and the Semi Finals were on Saturday. He was so nervous but excited. Iv still yet to meet the rest of the lads...but from what Lou says they sound amazing.The only people left was a girl Cher Lloyd she's really good another girl Rebecca Ferguson who is a phenomenal singer,the Boys and this lad Matt Cardle who is amazing too. It definitely is a good year. Louis asked me to Skype him now so that's what im going to do....

I clicked Louis name and pressed call.I waited a few seconds before his face appeared on my laptop."LOU" I screamed earning some "Shut up Olivia"s from downstairs. "LIV" he shouted back. "So iv got some news"..he hesitated "Well what is it?" I smiled to him..."Well I was wondering how'd you feel if I brought the lads home with me after X-factor to meet you..?" He trailed off "Lou why are you asking my not your mum." I questioned "Because they'll be hanging out with" He trailed off...again he was getting annoying.."What?" I asked getting a little annoyed.."Not as much Lou and Liv time" He frowned.."Oh" I said a little disappointed " But thats ok we can have Lou,Liv,Haz,Li,Ni and Zay time" I said getting excited also trying to lighten the mood. "So you ok with it?" He whispered "Of course god your soo stupid sometimes" I joked "Look who's talking" He answered some of his famous sassyness coming out. "Oooo the Sass Masta from Doncasta coming out there? Iv missed him" I Joked "Well yes he is now iv got to go missy" He said in a good mood guess i have that affect on people im so awsome! "Aww Bye Lou!" I screamed "BYE LIVVV" He screamed back and the call had ended.It was nice to see him... I really do miss him.


"MUM ITS STARTING!!!!" I screamed to my mum from the sitting room. She came in a few seconds later carrying my big bag of haribos Tangfastics yummmm and her bowl of popcorn. She threw the bag at me and me with my quick reflexes caught it I thanked her and she sat down.This week they were singing two songs which was exciting. They performed last each time harmonizing perfectly together.."Wow" Me and my mum whispered at the same time. We looked at each other laughing "JINX" I screamed and she pouted."MWAHAHAHA" I screamed my perfected evil laugh."Ok settle down" My mum gave out.



I made my way downstairs today I felt really nervous for Lou and the lads. It was starting in 5 minutes. I hope they get through. 


*1 hour later*
After listening to famous people perform it was finally time for results..after Dermot read out the names the only two acts left were the boys and Cher..."And the last act going through to next weeks finals is....." Dermot clearly spoke into the microphone...... ugh that long pause i hate it! It feels like your sitting there for like 20 years I couldnt even imagine how long it feels like for the boys..".....ONE DIRECTION!" Dermot loudly spoke into the mic. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Me and my mum were screaming. The boys were jumping up and down like looneys!! I couldnt blame them!! Me and my mum decided to walk to Lou's house to his mum or as i call her Aunt Jay.You could here screaming from the house the good kind. We were just about to walk in when I got a phone call 'SasMasta' My phone read "Louis" I whispered to my self. I told my mum id be in in a while she agreed and walked in. I sat on the wall and answered it. "CONGRATS LOU!!!" I screamed down the phone!!"THANK YOOUUUUUU!!" He screamed louder back to me "Listen" He said seriously "Woah Lou youv gone all serios" I joked "Haha" He said sarcasticly "Ok so I have 5 tickets for the Final and i can give them to anyone so im giving them to you,Mum,Mark(His Step dad),Lottie,Fizzy and Aunt Debby (My Mum) so you up for it?"  He asked I was thrilled but there was one problem"Lou I'd love to but thats six people" I corrected him"Shoot your right one sec." He paused I could here muffles of people talking in the back round "Right so now iv got six tickets!" He added "Yayy! So im at your house now will i tell everyone?" I asked "Um yeah that'd help thanks Liv" He thanked "Your grand" I said my irishness coming out of me "Ok little miss leprechaun Iv got to go but ill skype yah on thursday and il chat ya tomorrow yah?" "Perfect" I answered "Great bye Liv" "bye Lou" And with that he hung up.I walked into he house and told everyone they seemed excited.Me and Lottie are pretty close so we went to her room and had a girly night.



It was Saturday already i was so excited! I was going to see Lou for the first time in like 9 weeks! I couldn't wait!On our way up to London. It seemed to take forever. Me Lottie and Fizzy had went shopping for clothes to wear. We went casual so I got a pair of jean shorts a dark green top a dark green beanie and a pair of black vans I straitened my mid-length brown hair so it was half way between my shoulder and elbow. Lottie got black skinnies and a white blouse also with black vans and put her blonde hair in a high pony tail. Fizzy got denim skinnies and a pink vest blouse and pink Toms and her hair also in a pony tail. We got ready in our hotel room we are sharing. We also done each others make-up and I have to say they done a pretty good job.

After we got to the Arena we got some drinks the adults alcohol and me and the girls all settled for fanta and a bag of minstrels to share.When the Lights went down and dermot appeared we got off our seats and screamed.Then he introduced Louis Walsh, Dani Minioge, Cheryl Cole and The boys mentor Simon Cowell they took there seats and the show started. The acts performed with famous artists and the boys performed with the one and only Robbie Williams! It was amazing! One act was being sent home early and im almost sure that the boys wont be! But I was wrong.. As dermot called out the two names of the final acts One Direction wasnt one of them. I was devastated in the end Matt Cardle won. After the show we ran backstage to see all the lads with red puffy eyes. This is not how i wanted to meet them. I ran over to Louis and engulfed him into a hug! He cried into my shoulder...but Simon came in and interrupted the moment saying he wanted to have a meeting with them tomorrow at 9 am something about Syco records signing them the boys were thrilled! So maybe there is a happy ending after all? 


Authors Note:

I know crappy ending! Sorry. I speant about 3 hours writing this? So please tell me what you think!! I have alot going on today so i wrote this to get my mind off of it it wasnt expected to write this chapter! I tried my best to make it long so please comment and tell me what you think!;) And Please stick around! :)




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