Stole your heart

Hi my name is Olivia.My cousin is Louis Tomlinson...yes THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! We have always been close because we lived beside each other.When Louis left for X-factor i barely ever saw him.But when Louis come back after x-factor with his new best freinds/band mates two of the five fall for her. Who will she pick? The Irish Cutie or the English cheeky chap? Read to find out......

First Movella !! No hate for anything please.


7. Co-Author?

I'm looking for a co-author to help me write this? Cas' i just cant keep up! And i feel extremely bad:/ Sorry peoples! So comment if you wanna help? Ill tell you everything i have in mind and maybe you can even make some tweaks? Okay so yeah i haven't updated in four yes FOUR frikken months! Please help!:P Please respond.... NiallsGal<3 xxx Ps....just thought id point out that spell check seems to think that frikken is supposed to say Africkaner...what is that?
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