The Spying Game

The 'old school' spies are no longer here, all of them have either switched and gone to the other side or been killed fighting for their country. The times of kid agents are high. It's time for kids to show the adults just how it's done. Tori is set on this, proving herself to her dad, that one day when he looks down at her and says 'Tori, I'm proud of you' is the day she will be able to rest. The spying game as begun.


6. Time to fight

I opened the door, only to be greeted by an unfamiliar face. Introductions would have to wait I suppose, he was holding a knife.

"Let's make this easy shall we" He spoke, a husky, rough voice, sounded russian. At this point most people would be saying 'Run!' That is the worst thing to do, run from your fears. So I did the only thing i could thing of, I kicked him, right in the nibbles. He cried out in pain. I put to use all of my training (I'm not completely defenceless you know!).

While he was moaning about never having children again (if you get the gist) I rushed to the kitchen remembering a rule from my training, use all your resources. I looked for a knife but all we had were butter knives. I glanced up only to see the Russian getting up, slowly but steadily, and heading towards me. He was about a metre away from me when adrenaline kicked in. I grabbed the nearest pan, went up to the Russian and whacked him on the head as hard as I could. 

Next thing I know the Russian is flat on his face. I look in his pockets for some sort of I.D, I'm not disappointed. Sticking out of his left pocket was his Agent I.D. He could at least put it somewhere safe! I got it out, careful not to wake the sleeping beast and walked to the table. 

'Ok, let's see' I thought to myself. Fear struck through me. I was right, he was russian. Russians are my worst enemies, they are the one country who will to anything to get me hostage. This means they know where I live! I had to get out of here.

I looked at the clock. 9:10. Now was definitely late for Martha, I grabbed the home phone (I don't have my own due to 'tracking problems') and speed dialled Robyn. It only took 3 rings to get hold of her. "Hello" i heard through the line. "The wallabies are waiting for the trees" I whispered, still being careful not to wake the Russian. 

That probably sounds like madness to you but it's Robyn's and my code for 'Martha isn't hear yet, I need you to pick me up'. I don't use it very often, it's just incase of bugs. "On it" was all I heard before she cut the line off. I grabbed my bag and waited in front of the door. 3 minutes passed and I heard a knock, this time I looked through the peephole to see Robyn's anxious face.

I yanked open the door. Robyn without even thinking pulled me into a hug, she knew how I was feeling without me even saying it. She stepped inside the house, I closed the door but before I could turn back around I heard a gasp. I whipped around to see Robyn staring at the Russian.


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