The Spying Game

The 'old school' spies are no longer here, all of them have either switched and gone to the other side or been killed fighting for their country. The times of kid agents are high. It's time for kids to show the adults just how it's done. Tori is set on this, proving herself to her dad, that one day when he looks down at her and says 'Tori, I'm proud of you' is the day she will be able to rest. The spying game as begun.


2. The 'Explosive' News

"Tori, get up, you have your first day of school today" Dad shouted up the stairs. "Five more minutes.." I mumbled sleepily. *5 seconds later* "VICTORIA TIKI SCOTT, YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL AND IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP I AM GOING TO SPLASH POUR A BUCKET OF WATER ON YOUR FACE!" Dad bellowed. "DADDY, I AM WAY TOO TIRED!" I mumbled not able to get the sleep out of my voice.

Time passed so I guessed he gave up.. So wrong. I woke up to my bed absolutely soaked, not to mention me. I got up and faced my Dad,  who at the moment was trying hard to conceal his laughter, failing of course. "What of that for?!" I asked him angrily. "I did warn you" He replied while trying to keep a straight face. I smiled sweetly and splashed him soaking up his clothes. "That's revenge!" I shouted evilly while running as fast as I could downstairs. 

I had officially turned this into the biggest game of Tag. I led him all around the house, I was faster than him, of course! Unfortunately whilst in the living room and turned to see him and he wasn't there, but before I could turn back around I felt something grab me by the shoulders and push me onto the sofa. I turned around only to see Dad. 

"Oh no" I said. "Oh Yes" my dad replied. I glared at him but it's hard to keep a straight face when you're being tickled. That was my one weakness, being tickled. Other girls have it easy with spiders and snakes but what do I get, tickling. I hated it and Dad knew it. "Stop, Stop" I cried trying to get it out clearly through my laughing. He carried on anyway.

Suddenly I felt something hard on my back, I turned only to press one of its buttons. The TV flared to life. Only to appear on the news channel. I usually hated the news channel but this was a report that definitely sparked my attention. "News just in, a bomb has hit a MI6 headquarters, more on this story when it comes in." My dad and me just stood there. Shell-shocked.


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