The Spying Game

The 'old school' spies are no longer here, all of them have either switched and gone to the other side or been killed fighting for their country. The times of kid agents are high. It's time for kids to show the adults just how it's done. Tori is set on this, proving herself to her dad, that one day when he looks down at her and says 'Tori, I'm proud of you' is the day she will be able to rest. The spying game as begun.


3. MI6 Secret Spy

Well this is hard to say, I'm pretty sure I haven't told you anything about my dad yet so I will start. My dad is James Scott. He works as a 'police officer'. In actual fact he is a secret MI6 agent, one of the best! The police officer job is just a cover so that when he is off saving the world his identity doesn't get blown. He does actually go down to the police station and to meetings and stuff to make it seem more realistic. 

The MI6 HQ that was on the news, that is my dad's office, if he wasn't here on leave then he would have got blown up. "You know what this means don't you honey" my dad asked me looking down. I knew it, he is a brilliant father and cares a lot, but his holidays don't last long. "Yeah, the usual. You have to go back to work don't you" I asked, even though I knew the answer, I could feel my voice getting quieter throughout the sentence.

"I'm sorry, I know this wasn't the fun you wanted to have with you old dad, but when I come back I'll take you to that theme park you've wanted to go to" My dad said looking guiltily at me. I smiled at him, I knew he would take me then, he always kept his promises.

"Ok, see you later dad" I said waving as I spoke. He grabbed his emergency bag - yes, he has an emergency bag, you never know when he has to leave in a hurry - and walked to the front door. He opened it and I followed him through it. "Bye Kiddo," he said hugging me at the same time,"I will call Martha in the cab, will you be alright on your own until she gets here?" Dad asked me worriedly. "I will be fine, if she isn't here in a hour I know the routine, I will go round to Robyn's house and stay there until Martha comes and gets me. Now go!" I practically yelled (not really, I would have gotten some weird looks from the neighbours) pushing him out of the door. 

He chuckled his usual low slow chuckle, waved and went to his blue Audi,  R8 coupé. He dumped his bag in the boot, got in to the drivers seat and zoomed off. 

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