The Spying Game

The 'old school' spies are no longer here, all of them have either switched and gone to the other side or been killed fighting for their country. The times of kid agents are high. It's time for kids to show the adults just how it's done. Tori is set on this, proving herself to her dad, that one day when he looks down at her and says 'Tori, I'm proud of you' is the day she will be able to rest. The spying game as begun.


4. Martha and Robyn

You're probably wondering 'who the hell are Martha and Robyn?!' Well let me brief you about them. 

Unfortunately, when my dad goes to work I can't stay in the house alone for who knows how long. This is because of two reasons. 1). I am only 16 and 2). Because of my dad being one of the best spies in England when he goes away I am under threat from his enemies who could use me as a hostage. Basically meaning that they will kidnap me and lock me up until The PM pays the ransom. I know, brilliant isn't it.. 

So I couldn't just go have a normal nanny because if some villain came knocking on the door, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty. I can't stay with friends because I don't have very many (another side affect of my dad, relocation). So the only solution, an undercover agent set to my care. Pretty cool right! Martha is like a mum to me, my real mum went and left us when I was 4, haven't heard from her since. So Martha just looks after me when my dad is gone. If anything happens she is my secondary carer.

But what if something happens to her you may ask? You never know what enemies lying in wait could figure out. To everyone else she is just a nanny. But with all the new technology like bugs you never know. So I have a third carer. Robyn is more like the older sister I never had. I can tell anything to her. Robyn is an ex- spy. She gave it up because she hated the idea of hurting someone, even if they hurt her.

Don't take this the wrong way though. You hurt her, you get off lightly. You hurt her loved ones and you die! Yep, she is pretty intense. If Martha doesn't arrive within a hour I have strict regulations to call Robyn immediately and tell her to come pick her up, you know the rest. 



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