The Spying Game

The 'old school' spies are no longer here, all of them have either switched and gone to the other side or been killed fighting for their country. The times of kid agents are high. It's time for kids to show the adults just how it's done. Tori is set on this, proving herself to her dad, that one day when he looks down at her and says 'Tori, I'm proud of you' is the day she will be able to rest. The spying game as begun.


1. The Start of 'It' all

I'm not really sure where to start. I guess from the beginning would do. I am Tori Scott and this is just the start of my very confusing story. Now I am pretty sure you don't want me to blabber on about myself so I will be quick.

I am Tori as you already know. I am 5"3 and I have bright blue eyes, the brightest most people have seen, they are probably my special feature that defines me. The rest of me is pretty normal.  I have light brown hair with a few natural blond highlights. As if I would be allowed real highlights. My dad would never in a million years let me. Not that I wanted them.. Much. Moving on.

All my life I have lived up to the moment. The moment when my dad finally looks at me and says he is proud of me. I never thought it would happen this way though.

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