High Flyers

Lexi is a fourteen year old who goes to a riding school in Bexley, and as far as she is concerned, its the best place ever. She has a group of friends, Millie, Ria and Summer. They all have their own horses at the stables. They all share one lifetime dream; to be an eventer. But with Lexi's unfocused group of friends, will they ever live their dream?


5. The yard

Lexi got to the yard and put her backpack, with all her school equipment inside, in her locker. She grabbed her grooming kit and locked it back up, then had a quick walk to Mystic's stable. She unbolted the top half of Mystic's door, then Spring's door too. Spring was wide awake and wondering around her stable and Mystic was still sleeping, so Lexi got Spring's summer coat on and put her out in the paddock whilst she mucked out her stable. Then she got a fresh haynet and a mix of pony nuts and carrots to feed to Spring. By the time she had caught spring and put her back in the stable, Mystic was awake and at the door. 

Lexi's phone starting ringing in her pocket. It was the same ring tone as her alarm clock, but it went on for longer. Her mum was calling, and she answered it in a huff wanting to look after Mystic so she could have a quick ride to school. "WHAT is it?" she said. "I have only just finished looking after spring and i have even started on Mystic yet!" she continued to speak. 

"GOOD! because Summer has been sick all over the place! and NOW she has diarrhea!" her mum shouted down the phone. "Can you give some quick exercise to Summer, just a walk or something" her mum said politely.

"Sure, i'll put her back out in the paddock before i leave. Bye mum" she said, ending the call.

Lexi walked back inside Mystic's stable. His immense brown eyes followed her face as his hefty legs lifted him up. He walked towards her and nuzzled her and she stroked his muzzle. She put his head collar on, and walked him over to the paddock. He had a roll around, and a bit of a stretch whilst Lexi was mucking out his stable. She gave him the same food that she gave to Spring, and when he came out she gave him a polo.

She gave him a quick brush over as he was not very dirty, and tied Spring next to him and brushed her too. She took a bit longer to brush, surprisingly not long considering she hadn't been brushed for a few days. Grabbing Spring's green head collar and the lead rope, she walked into the school and got on her bare back. They trotted, then walked back to the stable to have her summer rug put on and be put in the biggest paddock which she had all to herself.

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