High Flyers

Lexi is a fourteen year old who goes to a riding school in Bexley, and as far as she is concerned, its the best place ever. She has a group of friends, Millie, Ria and Summer. They all have their own horses at the stables. They all share one lifetime dream; to be an eventer. But with Lexi's unfocused group of friends, will they ever live their dream?


3. The yard

When Lexi and Summer got to the yard, Spring and Mystic had their heads over their stable doors waiting for them. Their stables where next door to each other, and they liked each other a lot. They gave their horses a carrot each, then went into their stable to put all the new tack on.

Ten minutes later, Summer had finally brand Spring out from her stable after frantically scrubbing the dirt off her back. The girls mounted and went to the sandschool, where their mum was setting up some jumps.

First they walked around to get their horses used to wearing this new tack. Then they slowly went into trot and quite quickly into a canter. Then Lexi and Mystic stood to the side as Summer and Spring tried the first jump of the day. It was a set of  three cavaletti jumps, which they trotted over with ease. Then came the cross poles, still flying over them.

The jumps got harder and harder, and by the end they were worn out. They were glad to have to put their horses back in the stable and give them a brush down. They put all their new tack in their own lockers inside the tack room, and got in the car and went back home.

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