High Flyers

Lexi is a fourteen year old who goes to a riding school in Bexley, and as far as she is concerned, its the best place ever. She has a group of friends, Millie, Ria and Summer. They all have their own horses at the stables. They all share one lifetime dream; to be an eventer. But with Lexi's unfocused group of friends, will they ever live their dream?


4. Next Morning

Lexi was lying in bed, sleeping lightly. The alarm clock sounded with a loud whinnying sound. Lexi woke up instantly, trying to imagine why her alarm clock was so loud. She gazed up, and saw her bed. She realised that her alarm clock was right next to her ear. She lifted herself up slowly, realising she must have fell on her comfy bed in the night, and the alarm clock must have fell down too. Walking over to the curtains, her head started to ache. Pulling the curtains open, and opening the fairly big window, she could tell it would be a nice day.

The ground was dry, apart from the spots that her mothered had been watering her plants. The sun was just getting ready to start rising. Not even the little birds were awake yet, they were still sleeping peacefully in their nest. Everything seemed okay. Well, accept from the fact that Summer didn't hear the alarm clock.

"Summer! we have to start getting ready to go to the yard!" Lexi raised her voice slightly as she walked into Summer's room. Summer stirred, picked up the TV remote, and put on a DVD of Justin Beiber. Not making any effort to get up, Lexi raised her voice again. "SUMMER!!! This is the second day that you haven't came with me! Spring is YOUR horse, not mine remember!" she impatiently shouted. Nothing. Summer still layer there watching her favourite singer on her TV. Slowly, she turned her gaze towards Lexi, who was standing crossly next to her waiting for the excuse to come out.

"I-I-I feel il-" she said as she was interrupted. "YOU feel ill? what with this time? 'can't-be-botheredism'? If you were really ill, why did it take you so long to think of that excuse? You just can't be bothered can you?". Lexi waited a few minutes for a reply.

"No I real-". Interrupted again by Lexi. "Really just can't be bothered? I am not going to look after YOUR horse that you begged MY mum and dad for just because you can't be bothered to go and look after her! Looks like Spring is going to have her bed for breakfast today!!!" Lexi stormed across the room to the door, swearing a few times, before slamming it behind her .

Lexi had a quick shower and put on a clean pair of navy blue and pink jodhpurs and a polo shirt. She was thinking about what she had said to Summer. Obviously, she wasn't going to just let Spring eat her bed and then starve for the rest of the day. She wasn't that mean, far from it. Only five o'clock in the morning and she was already heading out the door. She was going to have to walk to the yard as her mum and dad were both still in bed, snoring. She left a note on he kitchen counter, grabbed something to eat and went, not bothering to say goodbye to her non-related sister.

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