High Flyers

Lexi is a fourteen year old who goes to a riding school in Bexley, and as far as she is concerned, its the best place ever. She has a group of friends, Millie, Ria and Summer. They all have their own horses at the stables. They all share one lifetime dream; to be an eventer. But with Lexi's unfocused group of friends, will they ever live their dream?


2. Home from school

Lexi and Summer walked into their house excitedly and dropped their bags. Lexi's mum was waiting for her. "Did any post come?" Lexi asked excitedly. 

"No, only a big box addressed to Lexi Granger on it" Her mum replied, just about before the box was ripped out of her hand. Lexi opened it up, and took out what was inside. A  pale blue numnah with 'Mystical Moon Dancer' embroidered on one side, and 'Mystic' on the other. There was an expensive bridle and saddle inside too. There was also a winter coat for Mystic aswell, with his name embroidered in and her uncles company name.

Summer was happy to see Lexi so joyed. However, it made her feel sad. She hadn't got anything, but she understood as they weren't really related. Lexi's mum walked into the kitchen, and came out with another box. This one was addressed to Summer. She got everything the same as Lexi, but with 'Spring has sprung' and 'spring' embroidered on it. She had a letter too; 

Dear Miss S. Granger

I understand life has been hard for you in the last few months, and i did not want to leave you out when i gave Lexi all that tack, so i got you some too. Take it as a welcome gift for joining the family. I hope you like it.

 Love from Uncle Roberto

Summer smiled and looked at all the tack, amazed. Then their mum drived them to Mystic and Spring's yard to try the stuff out.

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