Broken Sparrow

Verity is young nineteen year old girl, with her life laid out before her, but her life seems to have already ended. The boy she was with since she was fifteen has made her life a living hell, however, her heart belongs to another, but the feral punishments that will follow if she goes with him are unimaginable. People thought London was a city of dreams and prosperity, filled with promise, but now the only promise she is filled with is a nightmare.

***Not appropriate for people under 15***



21. Verity

I awoke with blurry eyes, my hands tied to the bed posts. Panic swept through me as I frantically sqirmed to free myself, but all in vain. My wrists bled crimson while I tried to scream - why can't I scream? -  all the while he laughed. A deep, husky, inhuman laugh that made me want to retreat into myself and never come out.

"Oh, keep screaming, no one will hear you." He circled the bed. "Superglue is a marvelous thing, really does glue simply anything..."

Tears streamed down my face, salty and warm. I couldn't scream for help... I couldn't beg for freedom - I was an innocent lamb to the slaughter. He glared at me, crystal eyes slicing through me. He grinned, just like that night, and I knew - I knew he was going to finish what he started. People always say that before they die, that their life flashes before their eyes - Sometimes like pictures, or visions where you can smell, touch and feel everything you did on that exact day, that exact time... That last second when you felt truly alive. I only saw one thing, my mum. One memory played over and over in my mind like a record trapped on repeat - a memory too beautiful and precious for me to live again in this place of sadness. I was in my room, only five years old and my mum was plaiting my hair...

"Mummy?" I asked. "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, V." Her voice was as soft as silk. "Why's that?"

"Promise to never leave me?" Even now I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes.

"Honey, I can't promise that."

"Why not?" One tear rolled down my face and I grasped onto her leg.

She picked me up from the floor and lifted me onto her knee. God, she was beautiful. Auburn hair like mine, flowing down to her shoulders, almost always pulled back. Her green eyes full of love, and light. 

"Because everything has to go eventually, V." She stroked my hair. "But that's not a bad thing; old things need to go to make room for the new. You're my jewel, and I invest my future in you - you're perfect and beautiful and you will do me proud. I will be here for you whenever you need me, and my love for you will never go away, and that is a promise I can keep."

Reality crept up onto me, and I felt the flames licking the sides of the bed.

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