Broken Sparrow

Verity is young nineteen year old girl, with her life laid out before her, but her life seems to have already ended. The boy she was with since she was fifteen has made her life a living hell, however, her heart belongs to another, but the feral punishments that will follow if she goes with him are unimaginable. People thought London was a city of dreams and prosperity, filled with promise, but now the only promise she is filled with is a nightmare.

***Not appropriate for people under 15***



20. Verity

His fists tightened into a ball, and my heart began to pound. I wanted to go home, Jay was alone and most probably looking for me. Kian will not take me again, I'm not his trophy or his play thing - I'm a person, a human being with emotions, thoughts and needs... a human with inconsolable pain because of him.

But I am also a person with strength.

His breath became heavier as his grasp around my waist became stronger - I felt like a small bird being constricted by a snake; slowly crushing my body and soul until there was hardly anything left to consume.

"No." He hissed, encasing my mouth and nose in his palm.

My world went black.



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