Broken Sparrow

Verity is young nineteen year old girl, with her life laid out before her, but her life seems to have already ended. The boy she was with since she was fifteen has made her life a living hell, however, her heart belongs to another, but the feral punishments that will follow if she goes with him are unimaginable. People thought London was a city of dreams and prosperity, filled with promise, but now the only promise she is filled with is a nightmare.

***Not appropriate for people under 15***



12. Verity

His hands shook as he placed the water in front of me, water rippled and fell down the sides, leaving a wet ring beneath the glass. His flat looked so different. The curtains were opened and there was no dust circling the air, and I couldn't smell any weed. The clutter of glass vodka bottles weren't on the wooden floor, and glass table. There was only a shine and a sent of lemon. The flat looked open, and welcoming, and that scared me more than anything. I knew nothing here, I was lost.

"I cleaned up a bit." He gave me a nervous smile, and that's when I finally looked at him, really looked. His hair was combed, cleaned and styled. Not knotty and greasy like before, and he was clean shaven. His clothes didn't have the smell of liquor or weed clinging to them, but instead he was wearing a emerald green t-shirt and clean jeans. Why has he gone to so much trouble? 

"I noticed." I looked around the room again, taking in the clean transformation. My hellish year was no where to be seen. My voice cracked from nerves. "When can I go home?"

His shoulders dropped and he placed his head in his hands. "I don't know." He confessed. 

Fear ripped through my body, and I started eyeing the exit. Could I make it? This boy destroyed my life, my heart and my body. Before Jay saved me, Kian very nearly destroyed all of my soul, my dignity and my pride. He left me like a broken sparrow; wanting to fly away and be free, but my wings were clipped.

"I want to go home, I want my dad." I looked at him with sincere eyes. After everything he'd done, he owes me freedom now.

"I need to explain..." His voice trailed off as he looked into my eyes. Even now his ice blue eyes make me quiver. "I love you, Verity. I never wanted to hurt you." He fell off the seat he was in, and crawled over towards me. He held onto me, squeezing my legs. "I never wanted to hurt you, I was just so angry." His eyes filled with tears as he looked up at me, like a frightened child. I couldn't pull away, and I blinked back the tears. "I don't want you to leave me again."

I don't think he'll let me.

I've never felt this afraid.

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