Broken Sparrow

Verity is young nineteen year old girl, with her life laid out before her, but her life seems to have already ended. The boy she was with since she was fifteen has made her life a living hell, however, her heart belongs to another, but the feral punishments that will follow if she goes with him are unimaginable. People thought London was a city of dreams and prosperity, filled with promise, but now the only promise she is filled with is a nightmare.

***Not appropriate for people under 15***



8. Verity

It took over two months for me to fully recover in hospital.

The doctors were stunned that I survived, and called me their 'Miracle Girl'. The doctor told me that I would be okay if I took it easy at home, and that all broken bones heal. But the scars... They'll never heal. My face, where the glass attacked me, has left a handful of small scars on my face, like small pieces of string scattered around it. I'm ugly. 

I didn't care about my five broken ribs and my punctured lung, or the multiple bones I broke. I cared about my face. I can hide the scars on my hands and my neck, but I can never hide my face, and the white thick worms embedded in it. I never wore makeup before, but now I have to, and that's not the real me. The real Verity is gone.

I was hard to go back outside at first, but after five months, my dad forced me. He told me that I "Can't hide" anymore. But I want to hide. What if they attack me again? What if they kill me this time? I nearly died from the internal bleeding and the head trauma he gave me. And it might happen again.

I'm terrified.

I don't want to die.

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