Broken Sparrow

Verity is young nineteen year old girl, with her life laid out before her, but her life seems to have already ended. The boy she was with since she was fifteen has made her life a living hell, however, her heart belongs to another, but the feral punishments that will follow if she goes with him are unimaginable. People thought London was a city of dreams and prosperity, filled with promise, but now the only promise she is filled with is a nightmare.

***Not appropriate for people under 15***



13. Kian

I felt her fingers run through my hair, caressing me. I looked up and she smiled at me. "Don't cry, it's okay. I'm not going anywhere." 

My heart began to beat a thousand times a minute, threatening to escape from my chest. She loves me. I let go of her legs and sat up straight, looking at her. I sniffled and wiped away my tears. Even with the scars on her face, she was beautiful. Her auburn curls fell around her face, framing her petite and pale structure. Her dark eyes in contrast with her ivory skin made them seem surreal. I wanted to kiss her soft lips. "Promise?" I felt broken.

"Of course, cross my heart." She wiped away her own tears. Tears of happiness.

I stood up in front of her, and took her hand. She was shivering with excitement, I felt the same way. She was that shy she couldn't look me in the eyes, that just drew me further into her. "I've wanted you here for so long. I'm so sorry for everything."

She smiled softly. I leaned into her, my heart raced as our noses touched. "It's okay, I... I forgive you." Her breath came out ragged. 

I lifted my hand and stroked her face, she closed her eyes. I pulled her in towards me and I kissed her.

I've waited for this for so long.

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