Castaway ~Harry Styles Fanfiction~

I open my eyes to find myself lying on a beach, the sun beating down on my face. My fingers curl around the hot sand as a face appears in front of me. For a moment I wonder who it is, but his corkscrew curls are unmistakable. It's my very own husband. It's my very own Harry Styles.

1. Preview

Her hand strokes my cheek, wiping away my tears. She tucks the blanket up to chin. She holds my hand. She sings. She loves to sing. I love to sing. As her angelic voice leaves her lips my fears disappear, my heart warms and hope floods my body, I want nothing more than to sing along with my mother but it would be a crime to interrupt her heavenly voice. As she begins I am overwhelmed with sleep, I know that I can't sleep now, every second must count. I can't sleep. Instead I listen. I remember every precious word she sings. Every word.

Down in the valley,

Where the wind blows,

A field of bluebells,

A pure white rose.

A sleeping child,

A crown of thorns,

A hole in the ground

Around which we mourn.

The sun comes up,

And the tears wash away,

And I will love you,

Every day.


I wake up crying, tears streaming down my cheeks, I reach out for the comfort of my mother only to find the gritty surface of the sand. I wrap my arms around my legs and pull my knees up to my chin, slowly, I sing my mothers song. I'm careful not to wake the others, I keep my tears silent and my voice low, my singing is hoarse and cracked but I don't care because it's me. It's my mother. It's the only thing that keeps me going.

"Hey, are you alright? Skye?" Asks a familiar voice, "Are you crying? Look, I know, we're a long way from home but we will get back. I promise."

"It's not that.. it's just. I have nothing to go home to." I whisper.

"Oh. I'm.. I'm sorry." He stammers quietly, awkwardly patting my back, at last he breaks the silence, "Get some sleep, Skye, just get some sleep, yeah?" I nod into the darkness and close my eyes, only this time I'm not with my mother, but my father. And this time, I wake up screaming.


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