i wish ( a 1d fan fic)

EDIT- oh my god it's been 3 years since I wrote this, and I can't read this back, it's too cringe-worthy I'm really sorry to anyone that read it...
this is a fan fic about a young girl called jenny and her love for one direction. but things are about to get better..............


2. the call........

I decided to call the number. the British accent I hoped to hear answered the phone.

"hello? Louis Tomlinson speaking?"

"yes, um I was at you signing earlier and you kind of left your number on my shirt?"

"oh, yes. you're the girl who jumped up and down fainted, then did that again, twice I believe?"

"yup. I did. so why did you leave your number on my t-shirt? not that I'm upset about it or anything?"

"well, I just thought that maybe you would like to maybe go out with me?"

"me? wouldn't you prefer someone with actual talent?"

"no! that would be too pressuring!"

"wow! this...... is......... amazing!!!!!!"
"please don't faint again!"

"sorry! I am a very hyper person, but sometimes I get a bit too hyper for my own good"

"that's ok. but here's the thing. paul says I am going to be on tour for a full year and that I can still have a girlfriend but I will b-"

"just tell me the point of this please."

"ok, I want you to come on the tour with me."


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