i wish ( a 1d fan fic)

EDIT- oh my god it's been 3 years since I wrote this, and I can't read this back, it's too cringe-worthy I'm really sorry to anyone that read it...
this is a fan fic about a young girl called jenny and her love for one direction. but things are about to get better..............


7. omg


He talked to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he actually talked to me!

and now we are going on a date!

"Liam where will we go? we're in the middle of nowhere!"

"we'll be at a service station soon. would it do until we stop at our first venue?"

"as long as it's just you and me I don't care if it's the only date we go on! but I do want more than one date"

I knew in my heart that this wasn't a very good date, but it was the best he could do right now. so I was happy just knowing that I was going out with Liam Payne!

time skip

it was time for us to go to bed, and as we were shown to our separate rooms, Liam crept up behind me.

"I thought you could stay in my bed with me. it is a kingsize."

"Liam! you wouldn't need a kingsize! silly man! anyway, where do the others sleep? Lauren left her hair brush at my place and I brought it for her."

"she sleeps in the room next door. but if you want I'll take it for you."

"that would be great. sweetie!"


I couldn't believe she will be sleeping in my bed! this is my chance to make a move! after Danielle, I have been lonely and sad, and I needed to be with someone!

as I walked across the short hall, I saw a sign that Jen had put up, but  didn't read it. I knocked on the door.

"Who is it!?" she said in a songish voice.

"Liam. Yazmin told me to give you your hair brush back?"

"oh! thank you Liam! Can you tell Louis that he needs to come to my room please?"

"um, sure! I guess."

"thanks, you're a gem!"
30 minutes later

"hey Yazmin, sorry i'm late I wa- whoah!!!!"

as I waked in, Yazmin had gotten into the most beautiful, white, silk night gown with beautiful flowers on it.

"I thought you would want your first night with a girl in a fortnight to be 'special'. and you should know what I mean!"

after that we hopped onto the bed and it was magical.

1 hour later


We threw ourselves off of each other, with so much satisfaction I got a slight, but passionate moan from him.

"Well? what did you think of that Liam?????????"

" oh my god! that's all I can say!"


I knew from that moment, we would be together for more than just 1 date!

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