i wish ( a 1d fan fic)

EDIT- oh my god it's been 3 years since I wrote this, and I can't read this back, it's too cringe-worthy I'm really sorry to anyone that read it...
this is a fan fic about a young girl called jenny and her love for one direction. but things are about to get better..............


1. it all begins here.

I looked up at the stage. my eyes were gleaming, my very first oppertunity to see the boys in person! i couldnt believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously i loved all five of them, but my eyes were drawn to louis. prancing around in his red jeans, stripey top, and suspenders, it was hard not to stare at him. there was one moment where i stared over at him and his eyes met mine.

it wasnt until the concert was over, that my best friends dad said to us

“now would probably be the right time to lead you girls this way, to the backstage meet up with the boys?”

for about 10 minutes straight, there was constant screaming from me and my bestie, em. when we reached the point where the queue for meeting the boys, but there wasnt that much of a line to wait in. about 10 people. what had happened? probably just the point of where the tickets for that had become too expensive.........

we were the next in the line, and louis was in my sight. we got to the front. em was screaming along the entire five boys as they signed out shirts and cds, but the only one i was after was louis. he was last in the line. i wierded him out, a little...... i couldnt stop staring at him.


when I got home, I tried on the shirt, when I noticed a number on the shirt. could this be?

hey peoplez. a little note. this is lauren's p.o.v I forgot to add it to the top.

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