i wish ( a 1d fan fic)

EDIT- oh my god it's been 3 years since I wrote this, and I can't read this back, it's too cringe-worthy I'm really sorry to anyone that read it...
this is a fan fic about a young girl called jenny and her love for one direction. but things are about to get better..............


5. chapter 5

before I knew it, it was time to get on that tour bus and head out for a whole year.

Louis was knocking the door for 5 minutes before I had the strength to open the door.

"hey what took you so long?"

"the parents. over protective!"
"right. well are we ready to pick em up?"

"sure am!"


She looked beautiful. in her baby pink dress that fluttered around her so perfectly. as she hopped on the bus, I could see harry staring at her. he walked over to me.

"looks like you made the right choice for once."

"sure did. she's mine though, not yours."

"of course. guy code"

"what are you on about this time?"

"never mind."

Paul rushed out.

"don't be girls you two. we need to get going!"
"coming Paul!"



She was beautiful. I know I have to respect the guy code, but I cant when she's around.

and besides. I've got em. she's just as beautiful. oh who am I kidding, she's ugly compared to jen. I walked up to her.

"i'm harry. we never got to talk last time."
"I know so much about all of you that I don't need to talk to get to know you."

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