i wish ( a 1d fan fic)

EDIT- oh my god it's been 3 years since I wrote this, and I can't read this back, it's too cringe-worthy I'm really sorry to anyone that read it...
this is a fan fic about a young girl called jenny and her love for one direction. but things are about to get better..............


11. chapter 10


I couldn't stop looking at her. Her long,, blondish brownish hair, sky blue dress, and angelic green eyes. the complete package, and she's all mine! The weird thing is, I haven't kissed her yet!

"Zayn, why am I sitting beside Gemma, she's your girlfriend? Switch with me!"

I was now beside her, but it wouldn't cut it.

"Lauren, come over to the drinks with me please?"


"do you know why I brought you over to the drinks?"

"no clue"

"I was thinking that, I have been with you for a month, and I haven't kissed you yet"


I knew where this was going


"Louis, you shouldn't do this he-"

I did it. I kissed her. just then I heard


"who is he with? he kissed her! get her!!!!!"

"Lauren we have to go. get the other guys and tell them to leave!"
"but what about Niall, he wants to get jen to come with us!"


"yes Louis?"

"Niall has a crush on you. will you come on tour with us?"


"go with Lauren. get her in the van, the fans are after her."


I ran over to the others.

"we have to go. the fans are after Lauren. they caught me kissing her."

"Can I get this to go? what about jen?"

"I took care of jen, take the plate with you and get in the van!"

"Louis it is a bus."

"Liam we don't have time for that. get on the bus!"


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