19 year old Jay, was once very close to Louis Tomlinson. He took her heart with him when he left. Jay's best friend Emily was Liam's sister and Niall's ex-girlfriend. Now, Jay has found some-one perfect for her. Emily and Jay moved on, although it was the hardest thing they ever did, they managed. Read on to see what happens to these girls. Some of it may get ugly❤


2. Chapter2❤

Callum's POV

I wake up to find some-one laying next to me asleep. I smile as her face comes more visible. I move in closer and wrap my arms around her fragile body. I hate it when she is insecure about her weight and looks. She is perfect the way she is. Like the way Josh looks at Em. They have got some serious love between them. Liked each other when they first met. I see blue eyes staring at me, i turn to her and smile. She returns it. My arms pull the cover away from us and i start getting up. I give Jay a look 'well-come-on' She moans, looks away and walks to the bathroom with a pile of clothes. All i can hear are, bangs, 'aha,that tickles' and 'oops, wrong foot' and then she walks out. "Your turn" She smirks. I stifle a laugh and continue on getting changed. She keeps spare clothes here just in-case we stay like we did. I walk out to the hallway and down the stairs, making my way into the kitchen. Jay's back is to me, cooking fry up. Delicious. We hear giggles yet again. The two sit down on the chairs next to the little island. "Smells nice" Josh compliments Jay on her cooking. "I sure hope it takes as good as it smells"Jay laughs. We all nod. Jay hands us a plate each and sits on the bar stool eating an apple. "Aren't you gonna have anything?" Em questions. "I'm on a diet, I want to be skinny like you lot" My phone vibrates. I put my password in and look 'Callum, please, i love you, dump Jay. Go out with me. I'm prettier, Skinnier and better than her. no-one can deny that - Shanaya' I am disgusted. That text made me sick, still does. She texts me it every Sunday without fail. I dont tell Jay though i should, it will make her even more upset. Shanaya and Jay used to be good friends. Going into year 6, Shanaya kept on ditching Jay, so she had enough. Shanaya and Jay haven't been friends since. Shanaya has fancied me since year 7 and still does. I went out with Jay back in 2013. and then we broke up when Jay met Louis Tomlinson. He broke her heart but i was there to heal it. I love Jay i really do. "Rightio. Lets goo SIGHT-SEEING" Jay screams. Jumping out of her seat she grabs her keys and runs outside to her mini-cooper four wheel drive, spray painted her favorite color red. We follow her and scramble in the car. She turns on the radio and Lana Del Ray, Video Games comes on. She starts up the engine and starts driving. She pulls up to a car park and swerves into an empty spot. She turns the key and pulls it out. Putting away the radio, we all climb out. She skips in front of us all and gets out her purse. "Ill pay" Josh buts in. "I will as well" I smile.




"Thanks Jay for dropping us off, its been a nice day. I enjoyed the kiss in front of the wax work of Louis. Made me happy" I thank her. She smiles and looks at her phone "Oh we have to go, we have got to be up early again tomorrow"she sighs. Em frowns, gives Josh a kiss and gets in the passenger seat. I walk around to the drives window lean in and give Jay a hug. I stand back and wave as me and Josh watch the car disappear round the corner. "Lets go to bed" I say yawning. Josh agrees and unlocks the door. Taking his shoes off he looks at me, "Night Cal" and walks up stairs. I hear his door shut. I go upstairs, open my door and get changed. My hands pick uo the toothbrush, squirt toothpaste on it and start brushing for 2 minutes. When i'm done, i pick my clothes off the floor and put them in the washing basket and snuggle up in bed, wishing Jay was with me. I fall asleep listening to her voice.



Well Heya! Hope you enjoyed it and i hope it aint too long... Please comment and like it, :) Much love Jay❤❤

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