19 year old Jay, was once very close to Louis Tomlinson. He took her heart with him when he left. Jay's best friend Emily was Liam's sister and Niall's ex-girlfriend. Now, Jay has found some-one perfect for her. Emily and Jay moved on, although it was the hardest thing they ever did, they managed. Read on to see what happens to these girls. Some of it may get ugly❤


1. Chapter1❤

Jay's POV


I wake up to my alarm signaling 7:00. Footsteps echo around the flat. Emily. "GET UP! WE'VE GOT VISITORS COMING IN AN HOUR, SO RISE AND SHINE!" she shouts. Ive got a headache and now its worse. I pull my covers away from my body and drag myself out of bed. My arms wide open, stretching. I move my hand to my mouth and  yawn. Emily is still running around the apartment trying to clean up my mess i leave. I laugh as i hear her walk into a door. She groans in pain, but still carries on anyway. My legs walk me to my closet and i begin searching. Settled on a nice welcoming outfit, i take a shower. The hot water hits me, freshening my body. I wash my brunette dip-dyed red waist-length hair with blueberry shampoo. Then start on my body. strawberry lotion. I squeeze the liquid on my scrunchy and rub it over all over. I scramble out of the shower to smell pancakes, my favorite. YUM. I dry off before putting on my underwear and then a plain white long sleeve shirt. Dungarees on top. Saturday red ankle socks and my red and turquoise all star converse. I check my phone to see 8 unread messages. It takes too much effort so i put my phone in my pocket and walk out, combing my hair as i go down the stairs. As soon as i walk into the kitchen Emily holds the plate out for me to take. "Thanks" i say and smile. She returns it. 5 minutes is up when we hear the doorbell do its chime. 'DING DONG DANG DONG, DING DONG DANG DONG' Emily goes to make a move but as she does, i interrupt. "I'll get it" I make my way into the hallway and unlock the door, before i open it, i listen closely to the talking going on outside. "Yeh, i love her, but i think she still loves that pop-star" I can make out the voice, Callum. "Man, cant you understand that they both love us, they're lucky we aint playing with them, I've liked Emily for a while and if you break up with Jay, Em is gonna go against me. Just dont mess it up" That sounded like Josh. I act all innocent and put on a fake smile that hopefully dont show hurt, and open the door to greet them. "Hey" I say and go and hug Callum. 'this may be the last time you get to do that' my mind repeats. "Hi Jay" He replies. I make sure the hug lasts a long time until  Emily  breaks us up.


********Few hours later*********

"Rightio, Babe we gotta go" Josh says to Em. We both frown. "Do you have to?"I ask. I can feel Callum shake his head beside me. "No, our mum is out tonight, shes gone on a business trip" I smile widely, and give him the look that meant 'well-why-not' Josh spoke up. "We dont have anything to wear" I go to get up but instead i'm pulled back down in Callum's lap. "You don't need anything to wear" I say with a wink. Emily and the boys laugh at my response. I frown, look away and pout. "I'm not talking to you now" my words come out making them laugh harder, i try not to join in but can't help it. When i laugh, I can't stop. Tears of laughter drift down my cheeks and land on the sofa. I look at the clock after we've all calmed down. It shows '23:54' "We better go to sleep now, we wanna go sight-seeing if that's alright with you" They nod and get up. I slide my hand into Callum's and drag him up the stairs. We change into bed clothes and snuggle up in bed. We can hear Emily and Josh from the room beside mine. We just laugh and slide in closer to each other. His scent travels from his body to my nose, i fall asleep forgetting about earlier.


Well Hey! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and if you're wondering, i deleted the others. Please like and comment, it will make my day (: With Love Jay

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