Fight to the top

This Is about 12 people who believe they have got what it takes to be able to fight to the death to make it to the last point in a competition where they will be put way past there limits, Strength, and more just to be able to stay alive, There will be 1 v 1 matches to fight to the death the winner continues through the competition to be able to go home with there life instead of perishing in the grave yard where they all will go when they lose.


1. The first 3 contenders


Age: 14

Weapon: Daggers 

Ellie has never been a normal child, Through her life things have happened and made her fall, But everything has happened for a reason and made her stronger, She has been through think and thin but the one thing that made her stronger was when her father died he was her role model and she was daddy's little girl he was the encouraging one in her family, She didn't like her mother as she was a alcoholic always drunk and for some reason when drunk became more abusive when she was drunk, Her mother almost killed Ellie when she was 8, Ellie was in hospital for 3 weeks from the most abusive attack ever taken place by a child abuser during the 1990's but Ellie Thought as hard as she could and got out of hospital but her mother was never taken to jail, She Said Ellie fell down 4 flights of stars and hit her head on a wall multiple times and Ellie said it too because of how scared she was of her mother, Her Father new nothing about the abuse because Ellie Covered up for her mother, But the father always thought different things. Ellie Became more aggressive at 13 this is when she fell into a bad crowd and she had hurt and killed a lot of people, This is when she went to rehab but it never worked when she got out at 14 she found the letter about the competition, she packed her things and didnt give her family a second thought she got on the bus and went. 



Age 15

Weapon Samurai

Jack has always been the type of lad who gets in to fights, He has been in multiple gangs including the tiger claw which is the biggest gang in Vegas, He has Robbed people, Shot people and even killed people, He had a hard time growing up he was an orphan because his parents died in a gang hit and run, So he went for revenge he killed the 5 people who killed his parents by joining the raven claw gang in California which they were in, During a hit and run with the raven claw they all got in to vans, Jack Sat at the back seat while the other 5 were in front of him he had his samurai and one by one killed them silently, He left that gang the day it happened with no tracks as to were he had gone, that is when he fell in to the orphanage at the age of 13, The letter came to him through the post and when he saw it he packed and went,He never wanted to see the orphanage again



Age 16

Weapon- Knives, Bow and arrow , Golden Sharp Claw Nails

Corrin has always been popular during school but has also had a lot of enemies, She has been told off by her school so many times because of her golden Sharp Claw Nails, She says they are fake and will come off but they are acctually implanted to her finger and and used for deadly forces, She has been in jail 4 times for the use of them she has ripped the skin off someones face, Slit someones neck, and hospitalized six, 18 year old lads who she say tried to rape her but there was no proof, She found the letter by her door and it had her name on and everything she loved her parents loads but she would rather win 100 thousand pounds and her life instead of be stuck in little texas.





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