Fight to the top

This Is about 12 people who believe they have got what it takes to be able to fight to the death to make it to the last point in a competition where they will be put way past there limits, Strength, and more just to be able to stay alive, There will be 1 v 1 matches to fight to the death the winner continues through the competition to be able to go home with there life instead of perishing in the grave yard where they all will go when they lose.


3. Meet 3 more

Fire Flings past them setting there surroundings on fire, The Fire Turns Blue And the old Man Walks up Corrin Runs At him Ready for an Attack the Old Man Crashes Out Of His Disguise turning into a massive gargoil creature  with flames Rising through his feet, He says in a deep voice " Welcome you are out first contenders at are fight games and here are your opponents, yes you will also fight each other but these are who you have not met".



Age 16

Weapon Hand To Hand Combat with knuckle dusters

Skyler is a born fighter, He has been fighting his whole life, He has been in prison Multiple times and escaped twice, He has been on the run in , California, Vegas and the United Kingdom. Skyler can kill someone in one deadly blow to the nose with his knuckle dusters and loves to see blood Fly,


Age 14

Weapon Trident

Freeze is a nickname, She was found at the polar ice caps still alive and as she grew up we noticed she could withheld Jaw Dropping low Temperature, Freeze was an orphan but has always felt like she has belonged somewhere but has not found it yet. she has been in prison for killing 12 innocent people, The Blowing up of Stanford bridge and robbery. She has been the leader of 9 different gangs and loves to kill.



Age 11

Weapon Garrote Wire

Broolyn may be small but she is deadly, She is the youngest of the group but could also be one of the biggest competitions, She has been in rehab, Young Offenders and prison she killed her 4 brothers and her 2 sisters, He uncle is her fighting mentor, People Miss judge her as a small weak girl but brooklyn anything but weak she can stop your heart in a blink. 




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