Fight to the top

This Is about 12 people who believe they have got what it takes to be able to fight to the death to make it to the last point in a competition where they will be put way past there limits, Strength, and more just to be able to stay alive, There will be 1 v 1 matches to fight to the death the winner continues through the competition to be able to go home with there life instead of perishing in the grave yard where they all will go when they lose.


4. Chances Of Winning

A screen fly's up in front of everyone and says the chances of winning the games and getting out alive.


Ellie you are a strong competitor but i think you will have difficulty trying to get through these contenders so out of ten you have a 5/10

Jack you are Very Strong and good at your skills using a samurai you have been through a lot and it has made you stronger your chances are 7/10

Corrin you are defiantly  of our strongest and most unique individual here and have a 8/10 chance of winning but it might not be enough for freeze and Skyler have a 9 and will be your biggest competition.

Freeze and Skyler you are 9/10 and the highest out of everyone here but remeber there are still 6 more to be arriving soon.

Brooklyn you are small and not matured as much yet but with a good amount of training i think you be around a 5 to a 7 out of ten keep working hard so you can stay in the compition.

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