Bet On It

My life is rubish. Im a waitress in a cafe in the urban streets of london. My life was getting better until i saw a blonde haired boy with tattos up to his neck and pearcings. His name? Niall Horan. Where from? The largest gang in london. Known for what? Murder.


1. I saw him there

Today was work.i was a ask people what rhey want and then you serve then food.Yay. Oh btw my name is jazz and i work and live in the urban streets of London. I work in a cafe which runs 10am till 12pm. Crazy right. I brushed my hair and teeth and changed into my uniform which was a blazer and a navy blue pencil skirt. My friend would say oh thats so smexy but tbh i hate the skirt but i like the blazer. I got in my crappy car and drove to work. If you saw my car you would think i was homeless! Its shit. Its rusty and it only has one working window and the seats are ripped. Im surprised I'm even allowed to  drive it on the road. I walked into the cafe and said hello to Jason who is my best friend at work. We have a frequent customer. Niall Horan . He always comes over at 11pm with all his friends from his gang. Yeah your thinking why would he come to a cafe? Well i don't know.

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