Bet On It

My life is rubish. Im a waitress in a cafe in the urban streets of london. My life was getting better until i saw a blonde haired boy with tattos up to his neck and pearcings. His name? Niall Horan. Where from? The largest gang in london. Known for what? Murder.


2. Dont mess with me

This evening was fine,  lovely customers , smiling , laughing until  11pm came along. As soon as he walked in with his friends it was dead silent and lots of people left the cafe. I hate this guy so much but i have to serve him ( as they call it). " what do ya want today Horan?" I asked."You." He smirked." Sorry you said that the last week i saw you.Different  answer please." I said." Fine i'll settle with coffee. What do u want guys?" He asked glumly."Coffee!!" The other said." Looks likeCoffee" I said." Im not giving up on getting you Jazz." He whispered. "Over my dead body Horan." I replied sharply. What does he want with me. Well tbh he isn't for me Harrys more like it.Oh yeah his gang is Zayn Harry Louis Niall and Liam and Zayn's  sister Kate. Kate and i are friends. Quite good friends to be honest, but we hardly talk . I'll call her later." 6 Coffees." I said as i brought the coffee over." Thanks baby!" He smiled. I grabbed a knife from the other table and stabbed it between his fingers. They all looked amazed." Don't call  me baby." I warned and walked away. A bullet shot into the wall 5 inches away from Jason's head. " be careful about what you do babes." Niall threatened. Jason gave me a look which said " He's powerful don't mess  with him.".  " Jason you may need to tidy the table up." Niall said as they left the table." See you friday Jazz." Niall said." Bye pig." I whispered. Time to close the Cafe i had such a good day. I thought to myself sarcastically. "Jason and i walk home together. Tonight he seemed a bit sketchy." Jace? Whats wrong?" I asked. Jason looked at me with a smile." Jazz turn around." He said. I turned around. It was the inside of a van. What? Suddenly a hard force pushed me into the van and the door slammed shut."JASON?!" I shouted. I heard his laugh." Your ours now."     He whispered. Who's?  Im who's now? Shit. Its Niall. "Jason how could you do this to me?!" I asked. " trust me it was easy." He replied.

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