The Nerd Love 2

This is the Sequal To The Nerd love. ( A Gay Cody Simpson Fanfic ) Thus naked place a year later, Cody And Devin just moved into there new home. But They're havin problems... They have been fight since they think they have no time for eachother. Then something Happens. All of sudden breakups, arguements,new boyfriends,and then someone is never seen again. (Ross Lynch Gay Fanfiction)


1. Problems & Drunk

So Cody and Devin moved into their new home. They got a small home Even though they're super rich. But since they both are working hard They dont have time for each other. They unpack and get ready for their vacation from music and school. The first thing that happens is Devin decides to leave the house for awile. " Where are you going " Cody said Confused. " Out " Devin doesnt wait for an answer and closes the door. Cody is mad and confused. " Is he cheating on me is he mad what did i even do!? No he cant be mad at me he knows im busy all the time i have my music and tour Or is it because when i actullay have time off i dont spend time with him?" Cody then realized he said that out loud. So he went to the room and started to watch tv.

Later That Night

Cody was getting bored watching the same episodes on the dvd he was watching. He checked the time, It was 1 Am . Wheres Devin?

Devins Pov

I leave the house and head to my best friend Izzys House. She was having another party so i head there and get drinking i might only be 18 But im fine. I Was mad at cody he was always working so i didnt invite him. I stopped music to start school. I had time he didnt. Then i realized the more i think the more i drink. I must have drunk 5 Cups. I felt super weird everything was blurry. Then i blacked out. 

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