The Nerd Love 2

This is the Sequal To The Nerd love. ( A Gay Cody Simpson Fanfic ) Thus naked place a year later, Cody And Devin just moved into there new home. But They're havin problems... They have been fight since they think they have no time for eachother. Then something Happens. All of sudden breakups, arguements,new boyfriends,and then someone is never seen again. (Ross Lynch Gay Fanfiction)


4. Perfect Date Plan & Cody leaving Forever

Devins POV

I Wake up with Sperm in my ass still, Then i realized Ross Is gone. I Shrug and get in the shower. I Start singing a random song. Then i was spun around and was kissed by ross. I blush. Then he says " Want to go on a date with me baby " I smile and nod and kiss him back. I get out of the shower and theres a note on my bed. It says " Devin, Im going home. Ill see you at the Theatre Tonight. Love you -Ross" " Hm cute," then i get a text.

Me: Hello

Cody: Im leaving To austrailia 

Me: Cool

Cody: You Dont care wow Bitch

Me : Bye

I Really didnt care. Im glad hes gone. 

A Few hours later. 

Ross POV

So i get home and everything was clean. My house is usually dirty, so its either my mom came or my creepy ex boyfriend did. I didnt think about it i just went to my room to get ready for my date. Then theres a note on my bed. "Ross i came and cleaned your house and got you some stuff to eat. Love you -Mom". I smile, And get in the shower. After i get out i get dressed. I check the time. 4:30. "Damn i might be late" I say as i look at my erection.

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