The Nerd Love 2

This is the Sequal To The Nerd love. ( A Gay Cody Simpson Fanfic ) Thus naked place a year later, Cody And Devin just moved into there new home. But They're havin problems... They have been fight since they think they have no time for eachother. Then something Happens. All of sudden breakups, arguements,new boyfriends,and then someone is never seen again. (Ross Lynch Gay Fanfiction)


3. New boyfriends & Arguements

Codys POV

I drive up to Devin's sisters house gladly we live a few blocks away from her. I park and get out of the car i Devin kissing some blonde guy that looks familiar. I run up to the door pull the blonde and punch him in the face. "CODY!" Devin Yells. " WHAT THE FUCK!". " Dude you know you suck at punching it didnt even hurt" Ross says casually. " Why are you kissing my boyfriend" I say " First of all your not my boyfriend second of all why did you come here" Devin Asked. " i came to fix things with you " i say. " no you broke my heart get out if here!" Devin says loudly. "Fine" i say. I leave and start crying. 

Devin POV

" Im sorry Ross, Cody broke up with me a week ago and ges trying to fix it but im not letting him i just cant trust him." I say " its okay i shouldnt have came here and just kissed you but to be fair you are fucking hot" Ross says. I blush hardcore hoping he doesnt notice. I get pulled in for a kiss. I kiss him back. " i shouldnt be doing this but your a good kisser. Why dont you come in" i ask. He smiles and we walk in the house. The next thing i know were dry humping on my bed. Were making out then he grabs my crotch. I try to hold back a small moan i fail. He smiles. I put my hand up his shirt and feel his abs he moans. Then The next thing i know were naked in the 69 position. Then all of sudden im on my dresser and hes fucking me im so loud gladly no ones home or id be in trouble. Hes really big hes 13 Inches i feel small with only 10 inches. Then he hits the sweet spot . I moan loud and release it all on his chest. I tell hes ready hes breathing gets shallow and his moaning gets louder. And he releases it all in my ass. " I love you Devin" he says. I blush and go to bed.

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