Adopted brothers

Liam Niall Louis Harry and Zayn all five of them were adopted. They get along really well. They look out for each other and make sure they're not messed with. They're the schools 'Bad boys' you know the kind that everyone is afraid of and nobody wants to mess with. Then there's the two new girls, Mousie and Pixie. Pixie's a total goody goody when it comes to school but then turns wild once that final bell rings. Then there's Mousie a tatted boxing babe, she has good grades but will step up in anyone's face if they come at her or pixie wrong. They are best friends almost sisters. They move to England and find and buy a small house together. They meet the boys at school but it gets pretty wild.



4. Chapter 4


  I walked to my next class I was late as always.  I saw Mousie in the back of the class I didn't know she had this class. Her face was buried in a drawing she was making. "Late again Mr. Payne!" The teacher scolded 

"Whatever" I sighed I sat in my spot next to Mousie. She didnt look up at all I decided to play with her I put my arm around her shoulder she looked up like she was ready to hit me but her look soon softened and she smiled "we have the same class together" I smiled she rolled her eyes and moved my arm from around her shoulders. 

"That or you're stalking me, next you're going to become my nextdoor neighbor!" She faked gasped, I  Iaughed she's funny and I want to get closer to her. I don't like her like that but I want to become her friend. She used to be in the system just like me. She probably understands me and the boys. 

"I can garentee I'm not stalking you" I laughed she went back to drawing I looked over her shoulder she drew a cartoon mouse with a pencil in his arms erasing a cat. She finished it and looked at me. She turned her attention back to the drawing she kissed the bottom right corner leaving a red lipstick behind in the shape of her lips, she grabbed a fat black sharpie the same one she wrote her number on my arm with. She tagged 'Andrews' on the corner she kissed then grabbed my binder she placed the drawing in the plastic part (it's that clear part infront of binders I'm not sure what it's called.) I laughed as she handed it back to me I took a closer loot at the binder and smiled it looked nice. 

"If you take it down at all today I'm not speaking with you at all!" She laughed

"I won't dont worry!" I laughed she smiled and started doing her work. I have to admit she was beautiful but she's not my type. I like girls with no tattoos. 


   It's the second to last class of the day I walked up to the teacher he was cute I do have to admit but he's a teacher. I caught him staring at my tattoos especially when I would raise my hand. A black haired boy walked in Damn he was H O T with an exclamation point at the end! I focused my attention back to my notes. I'm currently in history I hate it but its the easiest subject next to art for me. "I like your tattoo" the boy next to me said I looked up at him he was that walked in late. I looked at my arm and laughed 

"witch one!" I laughed he smirked he pointed to my neck it said 'Andrews' in this really pretty cursive type writing (if you look at the cover on Mousie's book 'acidentally in love' the writing she used for that that is how it's written on her neck also the way she signs her last name on drawings that's how she writes it but with a fat black sharpie usually she kisses it then writes her last name over it) 

"What's your name Love?" He asked he had a mysterious type persona. 

"Andrews" I stated he laughed 

"I meant your real name babe" he had a smirk plastered on his face 

"That's for me to know and you to never find out!" I said sending him a smirk in return. He pulled my desk close to him I could feel his breath on my neck he too reeked of cigarettes and weed. 

"I like you Andrews, you're beautiful but I think you'd look even better in my bed with me on top" he whispered hearing this made me wet. I felt him nibble on my ear then move down to my neck he kissed it until he found my sweet spot then started to suck and bite there. He pulled away and rubbed his thumb across the sore spot on my neck. "You're mine now Andrews" he stated I have to admit I have a thing for bad boys and he was seriously turning me on. 

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