Adopted brothers

Liam Niall Louis Harry and Zayn all five of them were adopted. They get along really well. They look out for each other and make sure they're not messed with. They're the schools 'Bad boys' you know the kind that everyone is afraid of and nobody wants to mess with. Then there's the two new girls, Mousie and Pixie. Pixie's a total goody goody when it comes to school but then turns wild once that final bell rings. Then there's Mousie a tatted boxing babe, she has good grades but will step up in anyone's face if they come at her or pixie wrong. They are best friends almost sisters. They move to England and find and buy a small house together. They meet the boys at school but it gets pretty wild.



2. Chapter 2

    *BEEP BEEP BEEP* my alarm kept going off I opened my eyes and threw it across the room I heard it shatter great I need a new clock. "Mousie babe get up!" I groaned walking into her room it was right next door to mines. Her arm was hanging out of her covers revealing a bunch of tattoos. She had my name tatted on her wrist, I have to admitt that's my favorite tattoo that she has. "Mousie!" I groaned again she flipped me off. 
"Go away I'm sleeping!" She yelled 
"I'll make you breakfast" I sang she shot up the blanket fell revealing her bare chest she quickly covered it up with the blanket before I could officially see anything. 
"I'll be down in five!" She smiled she has one of those sexy scratchy voices that make you melt. Honestly if I were lesbian I would so tap her! But I can assure you I'm perfectly straight. I walked out of the room and down to the kitchen I wore my scoobydoo onsie that Mousie bought me for my birthday. I am a year younger than her yet she's shorter than me. We've know each other since we were in diapers. She's always been my big sister though. She's very protective of me and makes sure I'm fed happy and have a roof over my head like now. My dad kicked me out when I was ten because I 'chased away' my step mom *note the sarcasm*. Mousie was orphaned when she was six and has been in and out of the system since. Our moms new each other they both died in the same car crash also. Mousie's dad bailed on her when her mom was pregnant he sends birthday cards and money *loads of money* to her and she sends the usual update/ thank you letter back that's there relationship and she loves it. Mine and my dad he stopped talking to me all together. I heard the shower turn on and then her usual choice of morning jams. I started cooking her breakfast then put it on a plate. I quickly made mines and also put it on a plate. We didnt have a table yet so we like to eat either on a rug on the kitchen floor or the bean bags in he family room infront of the tv. Since its breakfast I think we're eating at the rug. Mousie came downstairs in black skinny jeans and a grey fall off shirt she was humming to I don't want to be in love by good Charlotte. She grabbed her plate and sat on the rug. "Thanks Pixie" she smiled I grabbed my ate and sat across from her. She hadn't put on makeup yet or done her hair. 
"Your welcome little mouse" I smiled she laughed "it's our first day if high school you nervous?" I asked she laughed again. 
"Nope" she said popping the 'p'
"I am a bit, what if they don't like me?" I said 
"Then I'll kick their butts" she laughed I smiled knowing she would she is very violent for her size. "Don't worry babe you'll always have me." She laughed I are that last bite of my food then put my plate in the sink running upstairs to take a shower. 


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