Adopted brothers

Liam Niall Louis Harry and Zayn all five of them were adopted. They get along really well. They look out for each other and make sure they're not messed with. They're the schools 'Bad boys' you know the kind that everyone is afraid of and nobody wants to mess with. Then there's the two new girls, Mousie and Pixie. Pixie's a total goody goody when it comes to school but then turns wild once that final bell rings. Then there's Mousie a tatted boxing babe, she has good grades but will step up in anyone's face if they come at her or pixie wrong. They are best friends almost sisters. They move to England and find and buy a small house together. They meet the boys at school but it gets pretty wild.



1. Chapter 1


    I looked out my window, there was a moving van parked in front of the empty house next door. I wonder who the new neighbors are. "Checking out the new babes next door?" Zayn asked from behind me. 

"No I'm just looking out the window, I didn't know they were babes" I stated I threw on a shirt then ran my fingers through my curls kinda brushing them out with my fingers. 

"There's two girls, I have my eyes set on the one with the tattoos" Zayn smirked I laughed 

"what's the other look like?" I asked 

"Hot with no tattoos." Zayn smirked I rolled my eyes then walked downstairs my foster mom was standing in the kitchen scolding Louis about something. I'm the youngest of them five Louis's the oldest Liam Niall and Zayn are the middle child's. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. 

"Samantha we have to go or we're going to be late." I said saving Louis from yelling at her.  

"Alright, be good Louis look after your brothers." She said walking upstairs she's probably going back to sleep. 

"Thanks Hazza" Louis said we walked outside to the car me Louis and Zayn share a car while Niall And Liam share a car also. I sit in the backseat because I'm the youngest. It's not really a good reason but its okay I guess. Say got in the car shortly after us and we started pulling out. I noticed the neighbors were leaving. They drove a nice car I think it was a charger. They both were really hot one was short with Tattoos and the other was a little bit shorter than me but she had no tattoos. I noticed Louis checking them out as well as Zayn I have to admit I was checking them out too. "Dibs on the tatted one!" Louis yelled a little bit too loud the girl with tattoos was looking straight at us. Damn she was fit. She rolled her eyes and got into the car.

     We pulled up to the school it was loud as usual I saw Liam and Nialls car and we pulled up next to it. Nobody really takes our parking spot mainly because they're afraid of us. I got out the car and closed the car door I followed Louis and Zayn to our table it's at the back of the school it's where we go when we smoke ditch fight and Louis like go do tricks on his skate board. Me and the boys like to play football. 

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