Don't Change For Me

"Baby girl, you don't have nothing to blush about, you're hot and you don't even need to try."


3. Mr. Scoffs


Nuara put her empty Starbucks cup to the hole nevt to her that was meant to put drinks in. They were already in the parking lot. And late. But she had to re-apply her red lipstick because the coffe she'd just drank had messed her lips so bad. She wiped her lips and carefully, looking at the wing mirror, she put on her lipstick. She was doing her final touches when she'd been lifted from the ground, not surprisingly by Axton. "Come on princess."

  "Hey, put me down!" She yelled kicking his chest and punching his back. She knew she seemed so desperate. Then, when she realised she still had the red lipstick in her hand, the best idea ever formed in the pretty head of hers.   After about a minute she stopped protesting. "Better." Axton said happily. She couldn't see his face but she was a hundred percent sure that he was smirking. She rolled her eyes and grinned. With the red lipstick she'd got, she carefully -not to let Axton feel what she was doing- wrote ' I love Nuara<3' on the back of his perfectly white tshirt.    He finally let go when they reached the front door. They walked in together as they always did. Nuara could hear them talk from their back. She knew they couldn't say what they wanna say to her face. And she knew it was all about Axton. They were all afraid of her. She protected him when they called him a freak. She protected him when tey made fun o him because he was gay. They were disguisting people. So that now and then, she had taken the role of his protector. He was mire than twice as strong then her. It was just that he didn't like using his strenght on people no mayter what. He was the friendliest person ever and he didn't deserve half of this.   "Hey, Axton!" It was Dean, one of the hundreds of Axton's boys. Nuara tensed in anger. She hated the guy. It wasn't anything personal. She simply hated any guy or girl that was around Axton although she knew she shouldn't be feeling that way.   "Oh, hi Dean!" He turned to him and smiled. He smiled that smile Nuara couldn't resist.   Dean was looking at her now. "Hi Nuara!" "Hey." She mumbled. She thought that was quite attractive with his brown hair and eyes, actually. But that was nothing compared to Axton.   The boys talked for a few minutes before Nuara and Axton ran for the international management class. That was the only lesson they took in common, which for that day, was only one period.   They were hurrying in the corridor when people were stopping and looking at them twice. Finally Axton noticed that. "What's wrong with all these people?" Nuara shrugged still walking in a fast pace. "I'll be in the restroom, I need to use the mirror." Axton announced leaving Nuara to the door of their class, kissing her cheek.   Nuaa went inside and found two chairs next to each other empty. She sat on one and put her book in the other so that nobody sat there until Axton was back.   It had been a few minutes after she started playing a game on her phone when Rohan came in the class. Well, she didn't care. Until he took the books, sitting next to her, and placed them on his lap. "Hi Nuara!" She faked a smile and replied reluctantly. "Hey." Rohan looked at her for a while. "You're so beautiful as always." "Umm, thanks..." She looked up to him. He was smiling genuinely.   "Maybe you'd like to do something tonight?" She smiled too. Rohan was one nice boy. "Sure." He stood up and placed the books back on the chair. "Thanks! See you tonight then." She waved him goodbye. "See you."   She turne around to see an angry Axton with a red face on the door. "Hey, what's up, bud?" She said and smiled to him. He didn't seem so amused, walking next to her. "What the hell, Nuara?" He howled. "What the hell is this?" He turned around, exposing the text Nuara had written on his tshirt earlier. Nuara studied her master piece. "Oh, right, my mistake. But it's not a surprise I wrote it upside down, you were holding me like that." She laughed which didn't last long until she realised Axton was still dead serious.    Why is he this angry, she thought. Axton raised his left hand up in a dangerous position. Nuara shut her eyes tight, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. What she did was not that wrong. She didn't know why Axton was so mad.    The hit she'd expected never came. She felt she was pulled forward and opened her eyes. She saw Axton had pulled her into a tight hug. She couldn't help te tears escaping her eyes. Axton had digged his face to the side of her neck. "I'm so sorry." He whispered. "I don't understand it, really. You're just mad at a second for the smallest thing then you're the most lovely person ever." She felt him smile when he heared the word 'lovely'.   She knew all this time everybody in the class were staring at them. She also knew if any of them dared to say something about it she would beat the crap out of every single one of them. They all knew that one too.   They immediately pulled away from the hug that Nuara didn't ever want to end, when the teacher walked in. "I hate you." Nuara hissed evilly, glaring at Mr. Scoffs in his yellow checkered shirt tucked deep in his pants.
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