Don't Change For Me

"Baby girl, you don't have nothing to blush about, you're hot and you don't even need to try."


2. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!"


Nuara Danison flattered her eyes and eventually kept them opened. She turned around from her position that was facing the window to face Axton's angelic sleeping face instead. She shook the word 'angelic' out her head and smiled at how peaceful he looked. She reached out and shook him. "Hey, sleeping beauty! It's time to wake up!" 


He wiggled his nose which made her smile. "Five more minutes momma!" he yelled digging his head more into his pillow. Nuara wasn't sure if he really thought she was his mom but then she understood he didn't when she saw the mischievous smile on his face.   She grinned with the perfect idea that had popped in her mind. "He's still deep asleep. There's no problem with me taking his Bentley for a small ride." She softly cooed, barely audible. Knowing what a crazy driver she was, Axton shot out of the bed only in his boxers, yelling "Oh no, never dare that!"  


When he had totally woken up and found out there was nothing out of controle, he cared enough to see a Nuara that now couldn't breathe because laughing so loud.  


"You little witch!" He exclaimed with a sign of seriousity in his tone and jumped on the bed next to Nuara, tickling her sides. Nuara imediately started laughing and trying to push Axton aside. "No, Axton, stop! Please, stop!" She screamed trying to catch her breathe.  


"Not before you say you're sorry."Axton yelled back. "For what?" Nuara asked rebelliously. "Just say it." Axton insisted tickling harder. "I-I'm sorry." Nuara said but she saw Axton wasn't planning to stop. This time she was shouting. "Axton, I said I'm sorry, alright? Just stop already! Whoaa!" She was suddenly lifted and thrown over Axton's shoulder.   


"W-here are we going?" she yelled surprised. She then saw Axton walking over to the door of their small flat. "Oh, no! Axton we're only in our underwear, we need to change!" She tried to say this one calmly. Axton gently put her down. Nuara was breating heavily. She looked up to see Axton was like the same too. She looked inside his deep blue eyes while his fairly long black hair bounced up and down in sync with his chest. "Just until we both change." He announced without even looking at Nuara's well shaped body only covered by her bra and panties.  


She took them off too while Axton got completely naked as well. They both didn't mind to change in front of each other long as Axton didn't have any interest in girls and Nuara didn't have any interest in Axton because they were best friends. At least that's what it was supposed to be. Appearantly, it wasn't. Nuara couldn't help checking Axton before he put on his clothes.   


He sprayed some perfectly smelling perfume on before walking next to Nuara. "Come on! You're too slow." With that he grabbed her bra. Without giving her a chance to protest he cupped it on her breasts and hooked it. Then he chose a white tshirt on top of her tight black jeans and looked at her. "Ready now?"  


She shook her head. "Still not." He flashed her a 'what-else' look. "You forgot make-up, genius!" She explained. "Oh, sorry!" Axton said sarcastically. Nuara ignored him and applied black eyeliner and red lipstick. " Now I'm ready." She announced.  


Axton pulled her close, holding by her waist and they walked out of their small flat together. They took the elevator to the garage and found Axton's Bentley. After he unlocked it, they both sat in their seats -Axton in the drivers' seat- and fastened their seatbelts. "Do not touch anything." He warned Nuara while the engine roared and they got on the way to their collage. " Do not touch anything." She said copying his tone. "What a precious car!"  



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