The Entertainer



2. The Show

James was sitting there with two of his school friends, his mother didn't know he was out, she thought that he was fast asleep in his bed, but she was wrong. He sneaked out at around 8 o clock when he knew that his mother was watching her show on television. She was always watching the television, ever since his father and sister had died. It had happened in a car accident 2 years ago, but his mother still blamed herself.

They were in the front row at the circus in town. James and his friend were enthralled, they had never seen anything like it! The tightrope walkers danced along almost as if they were flying, the trapeze artists worked with such precision that they looked like they were a perfected recording of some time. But their favourite act was the clowns. Oh how they laughed! It was almost as if they were in the act, they were so close to the stage. Then some thing amazing happened, they asked for a volunteer from the audience! James had to volunteer! The clowns were scanning the audience. They asked James! He couldn't believe it, there were over one thousand people in that audience, and the clowns had chosen him. Now he had the opportunity he didn't want to go up there at all, his entire school was there and he had no idea what they were going to do to him. He stumbled up to the stage, falling on one of the stairs. He heard muffled giggles from the audience. Face on fire, he walked onto the stage. One of the clowns whispered in his ear

'go backstage or I will kill you're entire family and make you watch. I know where you live and I will skin your mother live and make you watch.'


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