Never let you go

New girl Ashleigh moves to bells view high and meets popular boy Justin Bieber they fall for each other instantly and makes Ashleigh believe that love at first sight may be true


2. Louise

Justin: what's wrong
Me: oh erm nothing 
Justin: you've gone all red 
Me: oh I'm just a little hot that's all

Phew good save for some reason he made me nervous and I don't know why do I have feelings for justin.

Justin's  P.O.V

Wow iv never met a girl like Ashleigh before she's beautiful and sweet I just can't take my eyes of her. Ever since I broke up with louise she's turned into a right bitch and I'm glad I have Ashleigh to take my mind of her.

Me: so Ashleigh when did you move to Stratford 
Ashleigh: well I moved here about two weeks ago soo
Me: oh that's cool so where did you live before
Ashleigh: Atlanta 
Me: oh cool 
Mr johnson: justin Ashleigh be quiet
Me and Ashleigh: sorry sir

We both giggled a little then we heard the bell ring we both walked out of the classroom together.

Me: what have you got next
Ashleigh: chemistry 
Me: oh iv got maths well I will see you later then 
Ashleigh: okay bye

As she walked off I saw louise walk up to Ashleigh.

Ashleigh's  P.O.V

As I walked away from justin,louise walked up to me.

Me: erm hey
Louise: shut up bitch 
Me: huh
Louise: stay away from justin he's mine not yours so back off
Me: oh erm 
Louise: back off or else

As she  said that she walked away she was a bitch I haven't done anything to her all I did was bump into justin in the corridor and he showed me to class all I could think was what is she going to do to me if i dont stay away from justin maybe I should stay away from him so I don't get hurt its going to be hard to stay away from justin because he's been nothing but sweet to me and I have feelings for him. I know I've just met him and this is my first day but maybe love at first site is true I mean I never believed it before but well  maybe !

I walked of to chemistry and then I saw justin he started waving to me i was about to wave back then i remembered what louise said so i just put my head down and started walking faster as I reached the class room some girls ran up to me.

Girls: omg your hanging out with justin bieber 
Me:  yeah erm sorry who are you 
Girls: oh I'm Millie and this is Hollie 
Me: oh hey
Hollie: hi 
Millie: I can't Believe your hanging out with justin he's one of the popular boys         
Hollie: but you better be careful because of louise she's a bitch and whoever talks to justin she would do anything to ruin there life's 
Me: oh she did come up to me and tell me to back off or else 
Millie: uh oh 
Me: what 
Hollie: when she says that she means it
Me: oh
Millie: but don't worry just stick with us 
Me: okay

Me,Hollie and Millie walked off into the classroom together talking  and then we all sat next to each other in chemistry.

Justin's  P.O.V

While I was walking threw the corridor I saw Ashleigh I started waving she looked at me and put her head down and started walking faster I wonder what's wrong as I was gunna go run after her louise came up to me.

Louise: hey justin 
Me: what do you want 
Louise: look I want you back Justin I really miss you I need you 
Me: I don't want you back I like someone else iv gotten over you 
Louise: oh god don't tell me your in love with that slut Ashleigh 
Me: hey she's not a slut and maybe I am in love with her she's a sweet girl,  now leave me alone I don't want to talk to you 
Louise: fine but If you love her and not me I'm gunna make her life hell

Then louise walked off then I started thinking maybe louise said something to Ashleigh that's why she ignored me in the corridor as I started walking of to class I saw Ryan and chaz I walked up to them.

Me: hey guys
Ryan: hey bro I saw you hanging out with the new girl she's pretty hot
Chaz: yeah
Me: oh her names Ashleigh she's a sweet girl but now I got louise coming in between us
Chaz: god will she ever leave you alone
Me: i don't know I hope so

We all walked off into maths and we was late yet again.

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