Cute Imagines for Everyone

Imagines for everyone!!! I've put out (Y/N) so you can be in the story too in my next one will be imagines and preferences!! Please like Belle Niall, just ask me if you want personal imagines for my next novella


3. Harry

Harry was an adorable munchkin, practically wouldn't hurt a fly, but for you, he would kill three men. Later that evening you heard your cellphone buzz, you opened it seeing its from Liam, opened it and saw a picture and a video, you open the picture: it was Harry, drunk and kissing another girl, with tears in both eyes and shivering hands on the video might be you tapped it and it was Harry, taking off the clothes from the girl on the picture and kissing her in her neck slowly going down to her breast then unto her pussy licking it lightly then roughly, in shivering and whimpering and also crying in that place, dropped your phone and it broke. You heard someone say:"Ready for Round 2?" it maybe was Harry then a slight giggle and a "yes" wiping a tear away and running into the closet and peeking in the tiny creek. It was Harry making sex with that girl, you covered your mouth to stop you from crying with sounds coming from your mouth, you slept in there. Morning came, you woke up dawn and tip toed over the door to get your bag and leave. You texted Liam:

I'm coming over x :(

You took a cab and told it where to go, you ran to Liam's door and opened it, you saw Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam playing pillow fights "So Liam! I thought Harry was coming over!" Louis said "He'll Be here" Liam replied, "He's coming here!?" You yelled " Yes " Liam said "Oh and what's with the text (Y/N)?" I mumbled "nothing" 

"Tell me!"

"All right! I caught Harry cheating over me"

" Oh yeah, I sent you that right?"

"Yeah and they went "round 2" while I hid in the cabinet watching them!"

A voice was heard "Guys I'm here!" It was Harry! You hid behind a gigantic shelf with lots of books to cover you. "Guys! Have you seen (Y/N)?" Harry shouted, worried, "No, Not at all" Liam spoke, as if nothing happened "I woke up in the morning and found a girl next to me NAKED!" Harry said confusely, "You were drunk last night, went to a bar kissed a girl, had sex and made round two" Zayn explained, "God! Guys, (Y/N) might be angry at me"

"MIGHT BE?!" you shouted while coming out of the shelf case "(Y/N)?!?!" Harry said coming for a hug, "NO" you said, "Tell that girl to get the fuck out!" You yelled, "I CANT REMEMBER HER NAME!" Harry replied "(Y/N)!, PLEASE FORGIVE ME PLEASE!" "Uh......... well" "PLEASE!" tears rolling from his eyes, "Well, I can't resist a cupcake like you" you giggled, he moved over to you to a kiss, but No "Get that girl out of our house" "She already left, I told her I already told her I had a Girl" he smiled. you kissed elegantly together.

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