This Dream Catcher.

A normal human being dreams almost every night, but those aren't the only dreams they have. What if this one person were to accomplish both?
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4. Not a place I want to be...(1)

My eyes snapped open as I was awoken by a scream. I sat up and looked at my surroundings. I seemed to be in a room, maybe an apartment building of some sort. I got up from the bed I was on and looked closely to where I was at. The room was small and definitely looked abandoned, the sofa was ripped on several parts, the walls looked like they were falling apart, and I was not fond of the smell at all. I looked around for a light switch, when I found one near the door I made my way over and flipped it up. When no light turned on I tried to turn on the TV, but it wouldn’t turn on either. I gave up after trying every electrical object that was in the room.

I jumped when I heard a car alarm. I walked towards the window and slightly opened the curtain to look out. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me” I whispered. Outside were about 40 to 50 people, although they weren’t walking, instead they were walking with what seemed like a limp, or a shuffle. But other than that, the background around them seemed to look completely abandoned. There was only one thing that was going through my mind and that was, fuck. I stepped away from the window cautiously and began to look around for something I could use as a weapon. I walked to the kitchen and looked around in the drawers and cabinets to see if I can find any kitchen knives, but I couldn’t find any. “How can there be no knives? What?” I was confused, asking myself if the people that lived here before had taken the knives. I shrugged; smart people.  

I had to find a weapon, but what could I use as one. I searched around some more, reaching into a closet I saw something that had me grinning like no tomorrow. “Come here you” I cooed, reaching inside and grabbing what I saw. They were two machetes. Both in new condition, which made me, wonder why they left these behind. I looked around for anything I could use as a holder for the machetes, when I was able to find a few materials; I quickly made a holder so I can hold them on my back for when I have to move around a lot. I entered the machetes, and made sure I was comfortable that they wouldn’t stab my back in anyways.

I grabbed the metal bat that was also in the closet and brought it close to me. “I’ll use this until I need to use the machetes.” I said to myself. I still didn’t understand how I could find these weapons; they were probably the most needed thing other than food at this moment. I let out a groan, “food, how can I forget.”

I had looked around the kitchen but I of course found nothing, so that meant I had to scavenge for food later. I looked into the backpack that I had with me when I woke up and looked inside of it. I found 3 bottles of water, a pack of chips, and clothes.  Guess this will have to do for now, I thought.

I stood up and strapped the backpack over the machetes, now I hoped when I pulled the machetes out; it wouldn’t rip open the backpack. I shook my head and just ignored the thought for now. 

I walked to the door and stood, taking a deep breath before letting it out. “Now or never Maya”  I reached for the door knob and went to turn it when something banged against the door, followed by a growl.

I jumped back in fear and surprise, “you have to be fucking joking.”

I went to the desk that was there and shoved it against the door before looking out towards the balcony and seeing the stairs that led to the roof. I quickly muttered a curse before opening the balcony door and closing it before quickly beginning to climb; just as the door was busted open and the thing I feared the most at this moment got stuck behind the desk I had pushed in front of the door. Part 1 END.

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