This Dream Catcher.

A normal human being dreams almost every night, but those aren't the only dreams they have. What if this one person were to accomplish both?
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3. My dream world

I opened my eyes and took notice that my surroundings were different. I stared in amazement. This place. This one place was so familiar to me. It was my dream world. I had written about it not too long ago on a blogging website. The sky was rainbow, RAINBOW. I let a giggle escape me as I continued to look around. I narrowed my eyes and saw small figures flying around in the sky. I tried to think back to my post on the blog and remembered that those flying figures were most likely pterodactyls, or just very large birds. The clouds were white; as I stared, it felt like my eyes were going to burn from how white and bright they were. I heard the sound of thunder, and the clouds instantly turned gray before dropping what I expected to be rain. But the pain to my head reminded me that in my dream world post, it was lollipops falling from the sky.  I screamed and ran behind a tree. I stood against the tree watching the lollipops fall and looked around some more. I looked down and saw the grass was completely white, like a canvas. But I also noticed that where I stood was green. It would be extremely green then would fade outside and turn back to white. A large grin escaped me, but then I noticed that just a little far away were buildings of all colors. I felt the ground under my shake and I held onto the tree, trying to keep my balance. I let out a gasp as I saw a giant black dog, the size of a house, run past me, making the ground shake. Right, I wanted animals of all kinds to be in this world. Most likely, they are friendly. At least I can hope. “What was I thinking when I imagined this?” I whispered to myself.

I let go of the tree once the ground stopped shaking and walked quickly towards the buildings. It was like a small jolly town. There were people walking around, chattering, laughing, and some were even dancing to the music that filled the small town.

“Ello ma’am!” I was suddenly twirled around and came face to face with a man of middle age which a grin on his face. He had gray hair, dark eyes, and he was rather chubby. He continued to twirl me around, until I felt like I was gonna puke. “Mister please stop twirling me!” I shouted out as best as I could. I felt him let me go and I stumbled towards the nearest trash can. I leaned over it, trying to catch my breath and trying not to puke. Once I caught my breath, I realized how hungry I was. I stuck my tongue out as I rubbed my stomach.

 “Sorry about that ma’am! You alright there?” The man asked. I gave him a small smile before replying.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.…you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find food would you?”

“Why I do! Follow me!” He began walking away. Honestly this sorta made me feel like I was walking and following the yellow brick road.

Follow the yellow brick road. Follow follow follow follow, follow the yellow brick road!, I thought in my head. Dear god, what was happening to me. I shook my head and continued to follow the man. He led me to a small bakery that smelled delicious. I wiped my mouth, thinking I was drooling.

“Thank you for showing me this way” I thanked him.

“You’re welcome ma’am! Have a nice day!” The man bowed and walked away with a gleeful smile.

I turned towards the bakery and entered. There was a woman with graying hair standing at the desk. She saw me and smiled.

“Well ello! What’s your name!?”

“Ah, my names Maya”

As soon as I said that, the woman’s smile turned into shock. “Miss Maya Lubern?”

“Ah yes? How do you know my name?” I asked her, with a confused look on my face.

“How would we not know the name of the young lass that created out home!?” She shouted out with a grin.

“Oh!” My mouth turned into a shape of an ‘o’ as she went around the counter and gave me a hug.

“Ah, miss you’re kinda crushing my bones. I can’t breathe!”

“Sorry lass..” she let me go and brushed me off, before walking over behind the counter again and smiling at me. “What would you like to eat love?”

I hesitated before answering, “Wh-what do you recommend?”

She began naming foods that sounded so foreign to me and once she saw my confused face she simply gave me a bunch of foods to eat and then asked if I had a place to stay. When  I answered that I didn’t, she grabbed me and dragged me up the stairs of the bakery and led me to a room that was empty.

“But I don’t have money to pay for a room or the food you gave me.” I said with a frown on my face.

She laughed and replied, “oh honey, it’s on the house alright. Now you get some sleep. It was absolutely amazing getting to know you. Have a nice dream love.” As soon as she said that, she walked away leaving me confused.

“Well alright…” Before laying down and falling asleep.

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