This Dream Catcher.

A normal human being dreams almost every night, but those aren't the only dreams they have. What if this one person were to accomplish both?
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2. Mother...

I looked at myself in the mirror, taking in my reflection as much as I could. My black hair, recently layered, reached just above my butt. My eyes were small, though they were the color of a deep ocean blue. My skin was pale, due to never leaving the house unless it was to go to school. I wasn’t tall, but I wasn’t small either, I was average for a girl my age. I was skinny, but not the skinny that reminded people of anorexic chicks, just average skinny. I looked at the necklace I was wearing; my mother had given me this necklace before she died due to breast cancer. After her death I just couldn’t believe it, she was so young. I didn’t exactly remember what she had told me when she gave me this necklace, but I remember her saying something about my 18th birthday. I looked at the clock that was beside my bed, 11:55. It was almost midnight. This also meant I was turning 18.  I let a grin creep up on my face; I would finally get to see what this necklace would do. I did my routine of brushing my teeth and putting my hair in a ponytail  before laying on my bed and closing my eyes, hugging my Stewie pillow pet close to my chest. Before I closed my eyes, I took notice of the clock changing to 12:00, and feeling a pulse on my chest as well as a bright light.

I awoke to the soft sound of chirping, as well as the sound of the harsh wind. I opened my eyes and sat up. Wind blew my hair behind me as I stared around me in shock, “I’m definitely not in my bedroom anymore.” The sky was such a beautiful blue, the clouds a beautiful and bright white, it was almost blinding. I looked at my feet; they were covered by the grass and pinkish reddish flowers. Wherever I was, it was extremely peaceful.

I felt something covering my eyes along a familiar giggle, “happy birthday baby.” I removed the hands from my eyes quickly and turned around, a silent gasp leaving my lips as I stared at the person in front of me. “Mum?” I reached out to her and touched her face. She looked exactly how she looked before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her beautiful blue eyes shining as she smiled, reminding me where I got my eyes from. Her light brown hair swirling with the wind behind her. “I told you, you were going to see me again.” I let out a sound that was so loud I didn’t even bother questioning it; I just jumped up and hugged my mother as tight as I could. Her laugh filled my world, reminding me how much I had missed her. I let her go and looked at her, “but mum, where am I? Why are you here? How?” “Well you remember the dream catcher I gave you, the one you’re wearing now. That is what brought you here. Do you also remember the stories that I told you?” I nodded as a response. “That is what you are here for. To live your dreams. My mother gave it to me, and now I am giving it to you. It is your choice who you are going to give it to when you grow up.” “Am I going to die of breast cancer like you?” I asked in a worried tone. She smiled weakly, “that…was an unfortunate event. That will hopefully not happen to you. Now, I must let you go. You have a rather extremely long journey in front of you.” “Wait, you’re leaving? Will I see you again?” “As long as you have that necklace, then you can visit me whenever you want. After your adventure of course.” Her facial expression turned serious as well as her voice as she stared at me, “Listen to me Maya, even if you have this opportunity, be aware that this is also a dangerous journey. If anything happens to you here, then it’s as if it happened to you in real life. Your body has disappeared from the real world, as has the time. Have fun love.” She smiled and kissed my forehead before disappearing.

“Wait!” I reached out to her but was too late.  I let my arm fall back to my side before looking around, “what do I do now?”  I let out a sigh before closing my eyes and lying on my back, where I soon saw darkness consume me.

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