This Dream Catcher.

A normal human being dreams almost every night, but those aren't the only dreams they have. What if this one person were to accomplish both?
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1. Mother


My mother always used to tell me stories when I was a child, as every parent would to their child when they were going to sleep. Though the stories my mother always told were based on dreams. Dreams that she was able to experience. I never understood what she was meant by this, so I just listened and enjoyed.  Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 13, she was at the hospital looking as though death had already taken a hold of her. I sat next to her bed side and just held her hand, I was never one to let my emotions out, but on the inside I let out tears like a waterfall. She turned her head towards me and croaked out my name, “Maya.” “Mum?” I called out to her. She let out a smile as big as she could in her condition, “I have something to give you before I go.” “Before you go? Mum you can’t go; you still have a life to live!” My voice cracked.  She let out a chuckle, “Oh baby girl, I’ve already lived my life. You remember though stories I’ve told you when you went to bed…” she paused to cough before continuing, “I’ve lived all of my dreams. I’ve done things nobody has done before.” “What?” I was confused. She took her other hand and opened mine before placing something metallic in them. “This…will make your dreams come true, but baby listen to me. Not all dreams are as they seem. Live through them as much as you can. You can never get back a day, but you still have the next. Though remember, not everything is forever.” She said weakly, she removed her hands and I looked at what she gave me. It was a necklace, a metal dream catcher. I had always seen this worn around her neck whenever she leaned down to tuck me in. “It won’t work. Not until your 18th birthday at midnight” she added. I put it around my neck before tucked it beneath my shirt before grabbing her hand and grasping it tightly, “mum, I don’t want you to go.” “Oh baby, don’t worry about me. You’ll see me again, trust me. Your daddy has to take care of you now, and you have to take care of him.” I nodded slowly. She gave me one final smile before laying her head back and closing her eyes. I knew then, as I heard her take her last breath, that this would not be the last time I see her.

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