Always you

Lilly Schmalfeldt of Alabama, wanted to see her favorite band, One Direction. Her mother surprised her with met and greet tickets along with front row seats. Little did Lilly Know, she would end up with someone she never expected to be with.


18. the date

Niall's POV

I was getting ready for my date with Lilly, when my phone started playing best song ever. I looked down and saw a text from Lilly. 

Lillybug<3<3<3<3<3:Can't wait!! Soooo excited!

Me:Neither can I, babe!!!

I put my phone in my pants pocket and finished slightly quiffing my hair. I called Lilly to get her address. "Hello?" She said, perky as usual. "Hey, babe! I need your address so I can pick you up." I said. "OK, its 777 merry wood lane, 35564. Don't be late!!!" She said. "Bye, love!" "Bye!" I chuckled as I hung up. Merrywood lane? That sounded cheesy..... 

Lilly's POV

I wonder where we are going. Oh well. I guess I'll find out


I heard a hobk outside. I guess that means Niall is here. I go outside, and sure about, he was. I slipped into the passenger seat and he drove off.

Lilly's POV

When we were in the car, Niall grabbed my hand and kissed it. "You look beautiful, love. "Thanks Niall, but u always dress like this!" I was wearing black skinny jeans, a cute pink top, and some black converses. "Well, you look pretty thanks, look good, too!" We finally reached our destination. We were at a park with a beautiful waterfall. I got out of the car and stared at it in awe. It is so beautiful and amazing!!!

Niall's POV

"Lilly?" "Yeah?" "Let's go." "Alright."  I grabbed the picnic basket I had in the trunk and grabbed her hand. I took her to a spot that only I knew about. "Niall, where are you taking me?" "To a nice place" "Niall, are you gonna rape me?" She said in a squeak. I laughed at what she said and I told her _No, Im not gonna rape you love. Nothing to worry about." We made our way to a huge rock. "Niall, what is this?" "Lilly, stop asking questions!" "Just squeeze through the opening in the rock." I told her. "Ok" she said.

Lilly's POV

I squeezed through the opening and what I saw was beautiful. Soon, Niall was standing beside me. "Do you like it?" Hell yeah, I like it! Its beautiful!" We were standing BEHIND the waterfall. It was so romantic. Niall had set up everything already, the food, blanket,.....and even candles! It was so romantic.

Niall POV

"Do you like it?" I asked her. "Yes Niall, I love it!!!" "Well, Lilly, I love you." "Really Niall?!?" She squeaked. "Yeah, Lilly.." I said. What she said next shocked me. "I love you too, Niall."

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