Always you

Lilly Schmalfeldt of Alabama, wanted to see her favorite band, One Direction. Her mother surprised her with met and greet tickets along with front row seats. Little did Lilly Know, she would end up with someone she never expected to be with.


14. It's harry

Nialls pov 
   I can't beleive she said yes... I like Lilly alot she is beautiful.... I think I'm in love. I pecked her on the cheek and went back to what we were doing. 

 Zayn pov 
      Me and Sara kept talking until I got a call from Harry.

Me- "hello"

Harry-"do u wanna hang out cuz bri said she wants to hang out with Sara. 

Me-"umm sure ill be right over"

    Ummm Sara?~yeah zayn?~do u wanna go to Harry's house cuz it looks like bri wants to hang with us. Yeah sure lets go. 
     We left in seperate cars cuz we came in different cars.. I texted met the directions and made our way to Harry's house. Once we got there harry couldn't keep his eyes off Sara. It looked like bri was getting kind of jealous.

Harry's pov 
    Soo Sara how long have you and bri known each other~umm way to long. I smiled at her showing off my famous dimple and she smiled back showing hers off too. Well all of us made small talk... I wonder if Sara likes me? I know I liked bri but Sara was beautiful..."Sara do you have a job?"~umm kinda~what do you mean kinda~well I don't know if modeling is a job~your a model?~yeah...~cool. I wasn't suprised cuz she was beautiful she had brown eyes brown curly hair (no Afro) and she had long ass legs and a beautiful body.
      I couldn't gety eyes off her... And it looked like she couldn't get her eyes off me too. She bit her lip and smiled. I looked at Zayn and he already knew what I ment... It ment that Sara was mine. 
     Lets go play some soccer.... Oh I don't like soccer,bri said. Umm ok then ill just play with zayn and Sara. Actually haz my ancle hurts so ill just stay in hear with Bri~ok be back in an hour. 

Sara's pov
     I know they set me up with zayn but I think I'm falling for Harry. He told me he was gonna take me to a near by park.... Since it was close we decided to walk. 

Harry's pov 
      Umm Sara so you like sports?~well yea I guess I just like staying fit.~oh cuz your a model?~no cuz I want to be healthy~Sara?~yeah?~your not like alot of models..~what do you mean?~well other models are stuck up and conceited. And your not any of that. I grabbed her hand and smiled. She looked at me with a confused face.... "What's wrong"~"well don't you like Bri"~not after I met you... She blushed and I kissed her hand. We kept on walking hand in hand. 
    We made it to the park and started playing soccer. I started to get hot so I took my shirt off... "Like what you see"~ Sara took off her shirt revealing her sport bra. "Do you like what you see Harold "~yes I do...I bit my lip and looked at Sara. 
      There were some guys skating but they stopped to look at her.... Typical teenagers. Sara's shoe was untied so she had to bend down... One of the kids that were looking at her said dammmnnn OK GUYS LEAVE! Sara looked at me and blushed she was so hot. 
     We stopped playing and went to her house....
Sara's pov 
     Harry do you want a snack?~umm no thanks,he said sitting on the couch. I actually like Harry he was so cheeky but cute. I got two cups of apple juice and a bag of Cheetos. I placed them on the table in front of Harry and sat next to him.
Harry's pov 
    I thought you can't eat junk food?~are you serious I love junk food~but your like size -10!~cmon Harry I'm a size 2~are you serious!~yeah why?~cuz that's skinny!~well I work out alot but I love chips ice cream and all that stuff. I put my hand around her and she leaned on me.
     Sara I really like you.... I like you too Harry. But what about zayn? Well I liked him at first but then I met you and to tell you the truth it feels like I could just talk to u but with zayn it feels like its awkward. 
     I cupped her cheeks and kissed her.... I licked her lips and she let me in... Our tongues were moving in sync as if it was one. I was now on top of Sara and we were still kissing I started to take off my shirt with her help,... I started taking off hers also with her help she took off my shorts and I took off her jeans. We made our way upstairs into her room. We went on her bed and started to kiss her again.
    Are you sure you want to do this Sara are you a virgin?~yea but I really like you Harry~I like you too and I think you are my forever. We smiled at each other and kept at it. 

Zayn pov 
      Harty had sent a text to me and told me that he was going to Sara's house... So Bri said that we should go too. She is so mean I can't beleive Harry actually liked her Bri was rude conceited and mean. For the past hour she was going on and on of how perfect she was. We had finally made it to her house... Bri knew where the spare key was so she got it and opened the door. I didn't see anyone but them I heard some banging coming from upstairs. 
     Bri heard too so she went upstairs and opened the door to I think was Sara's room... We looked in to see Harry's bee bee gun in Sara! What the fuck Harry you know I like her!! It's not my falt we like each other!! You could of stopped you didn't have to keep on going!!!! God Zayn she doesn't like you!!!! HARRY GO TO HELL!!! I slammed the door and left with Bri... She was annoying and mean but I was her only way back home. GOD I HATE HRRY!!!

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