Always you

Lilly Schmalfeldt of Alabama, wanted to see her favorite band, One Direction. Her mother surprised her with met and greet tickets along with front row seats. Little did Lilly Know, she would end up with someone she never expected to be with.


19. Do I approve?

                          ~ Mean while~

Harry's pov
       I had made it to Lou's house... DING DONG!, the door bell went. Lou answered the door like 10 sec later..."hey Lou"~hey hazz so where's Sara?~aww Lou!~what!!~you didn't say to bring her!~well I thought you would aren't you her boy friend?!?~well yeah but I thought U wanted to be alone~really if I wanted to be alone I wouldn't have invited you.~well do u want me to pick her up.~yea I guess cuz I want to meet her to see if I approve. 
    Lou your not my dad i can date who ever I want. Ok Lou be right back. I made it to my car and called Sara. Hey hazz~hey Sara do u want to meet Lou and his girlfriend~yeah sure~ok ill go pick u up are you at your house?~yeah when will you get here?~umm like in 30 min probably~ok ill go get ready~ok by love~by hazz.

Sara's pov
    I got ready ad put some light blue skinny jeans with a black       t-shirt that said California love with some black vans...even though I'm a model I like dressing regular I hate over dressing! Well 30 min past and Harry was here.

Harry's pov
     Hey Sara~hi Harry~I gave her a peck on the cheek. Sara u look beautiful~thank u look cute too hazz. Ok well lets go to Lou's house.
     After a while we made it to his house."wow his house is beautiful hazz",Sara said in awe. "Oh I know you should see the in door pool." "He has an in door pool!" Yeah" maybe we can go in later."but I don't have any clothes" then you could just use your bra and underwear.

Sara's pov
     He gave a cheeky smile and opened my door. He grabbed my hand and started walking towards the door. Hey Lou were back,Harry told Lou.

Harry's pov
      Lou this is Sara my girlfriend... I saw Lou scanning Sara from head to toe...hazz I approve. I gave him a dirty look and he knew he had to stop looking at Sara. Well Sara this is my girlfriend Eli.
Sara's pov
      Hi Eli, I'm Sara~hi nice to meet you. Well what do you guys want to do?,Lou asked. How bout we go swimming?

Harry's pov
     I looked at Sara and smiled... She rolled her eyes and smiled. Oh I'm sorry Lou I can't I don't have any clothes,Sara said. Sara if you want you can use Eli's,Lou said. Sara followed Eli while I stayed with Lou in the living room.
     Lou Eli seems nice~I know I like her alot and Sara seems nice too.~I know she's beautiful~yes she is hazz. He elbowed me and laughed.  
       Sara came out with a 2 peice bathing suit. It was turquoise. Se looked beautiful. Well Sara lets go for a swim.

Eli's pov
      Me and Sara got a long pretty good. Lou grabbed my waist and walked me towards his indoor pool. He pushed me in... I pretended I didn't know how to swim. "Lou I can't swim I can't swim!"... He jumped in and got me. He kissed my nose and I freed myself from his arms and pushed his head under water. We started laughing until Sara and Harry walked in. 
    Cmon guys! They both smiled and Sara pushed Harry in... He started laughing and went out side to grab Sara. I was only pretending I didn't know how to swim but Sara wasn't she really didnt know how to swim. Harry grabbed her and put her on his back. It was like they were made for each other thy made a cute couple.

Lou's pov
     Since Sara didnt know how to swim Harry put her on his shoulders and I put Eli on mine. Sara had to push Eli off or Eli had to push her off. They both ended up falling me and Harry started laughing. And then went to go help Sara. We were having a really great time.


Nialls pov
     The time seemed right so is went in for a kiss... It wasn't long but it felt so right in her arms. After  kissing we were just talking. I put my arm around her and started to feed grapes as if she was royalty. "Niall I'm not a queen you don't have to this"~but Lilly your my little princess.~she blushed and kissed my cheek. We decided to get out of that little cave and go out side and play some soccer.
Tonight was absolutely PER-FECT


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