Justin Bieber Imagines.

Imagines about you and Justin.
I'll write in English and Danish.
Tell me which kind of Imagines I should do.
Sad, romantic, with fights, fun or whatever you want. ;) And which languages, English or Danish.
I won't write any dirty imagines or personal.
- Love.


7. What do you really want?! Fight. Romantic.

You and Justin were having a fight. You were the best friends, but Justin had been so cold lately. You wanted to know why he was like that. He didn't really want to see you. Instead he were with his friends.

You: "What do you want?!" Your face were all wet 'cause of the tears.

Justin looked at you in a hurt way.

You: "What is it you really want?!!"

Justin sighed and took a step closer.

Justin: "Oh, you know what I want.."

You still had tears running down your cheeks. You couldn't handle the truth right now.

Justin: "I want a future.." 

You felt hurt when he said that.. Couldn't he see a future with you? Did he want to end the friendship and just move on.

Justin: "I don't want to sit in front of you and talk about all of your dates and your boyfriends or crushes. I don't want to spend my friday nights fixing your broken heart."

You felt so hurt.. you couldn't describe the feeling.. you thought you had the best friendship. You thought he loved you and cared for you.

You: "Okay.. I'm sorry for wasting your time," you whispered and were about to walk away, when he grabbed you by your wrist.

Justin: "I want to be the one to hold you and kiss you. I want to spend every friday night caressing your body, cuddling, kissing. I want to have you by my side. Have you as my girlfriend. Make love to you, make you feel better than ever. I want to tell you every day how beautiful and lovely you are because you deserve it. You deserve being treated good. You deserve to feel loved. I want to move into a big house with you. Make love to you every single night. Kiss you every single morning. Wake up with you by my side and only you. No-one else. I want to be the one to make you pregnant. I want you to give my children birth. To be my childrens mother. To see your beautiful smile. Have permission to touch your body and being the only one."

You looked surprised at him with tears in your eyes. It was happy tears.

Justin: "Can't you see that I love you so fucking much.."

You looked deep into his tearfilled eyes.

Justin: "I want you so bad.. So so so bad.."

He looked down and you saw a tear fell to the ground.

He looked up and you realized how close you were standing.

Justin: "I love you.." He whispered crying.

You: "I love you too."

You smiled big and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Justin: "Really?" He asked a bit surprised you could see it in his eyes.

You: "Yes.. you don't know how long I've been waiting for this day to come.."

Justin: "You've been in love with me?"

You nodded and he began to smile widely.
He lifted you up and spun around with you in his arms while kissing you.

You giggled and kissed back.

You felt the ground under your feet again and looked up at him.

Suddenly he froze and his smile disappeared. You hoped it wasn't because he regretted all of this.

You felt your smile fade and gulped.

He began to smile widely again and sat down on one knee.

You smiled and giggled.

Justin: "(Y/N)? Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

You nodded your head and jumped into his arms.

You: "More than anything else, Justin."

He gave you a quick kiss before carrying you into bed.

You cuddled and talked the whole night about your feelings and your future together.



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