Justin Bieber Imagines.

Imagines about you and Justin.
I'll write in English and Danish.
Tell me which kind of Imagines I should do.
Sad, romantic, with fights, fun or whatever you want. ;) And which languages, English or Danish.
I won't write any dirty imagines or personal.
- Love.


6. Shower. #Part 2 (sexuel)

Your P.O.V


The only person who could possibly get in would be you dad, mom, brother or Justin..

You felt yourself get a bit scared. You didn't want him near you. Not after what happened in school. You had never seen him like that before.. was he really that jealous because of you and Jason? 

You heard the bathroom door open and you closed your eyes. 

"Where the hell are you?" he asked. You could hear footsteps getting closer. He saw you standing against the wall with your hands covering your face.

He grabbed both of your wrists and you felt the tears ran down you cheeks.

"Please, let go." You whispered. "Please.." You began to sob slightly.

He tried to get eye contact, but you wouldn't let him. He tightened the grip around your wrists gently and let a finger stroke you hand.

"Relax.." He said. You tried to get away, afraid of what he was about to do to you. 

"No, please.. Let me go! Let me go.." You fell to the ground looking down. He still held your wrists and didn't let go. 

"I don't want you near me. I hate you!" You yelled not knowing where all that strength came from.

"Shut up, (y/n)!" He lifted you up from the ground and looked straight into our eyes. You saw, anger, sadness, worry and something lovely in them.

"I love you! I really do. I love you more than anything.. I don't know what happened at school.. All I know is that I wasn't myself.. I just got so jealous.. You're pretty and all the boys at the soccer team is always saying stuff like they'd fuck the hell out of you, 'cause you're so sexy... I hate hearing that because you were.. No, you ARE my girlfriend. You are mine and I'm afraid of losing you to a fool because all they want is your body.. I want your heart more than anything else in this world. I won't just let you go without fighting for you." He said and looked into your eyes.

You were chocked.. You didn't expect this at all. 

"I love you." you said. You always did but you were just mad at him before.

"I love you more baby." He whispered and kissed you gently on you lips. You doubt it but just decided to kiss back. 

You actually forgot you were naked. You took the opportunity to get him to take your v-card. It meant a lot to you, but you knew now what he felt for you and you knew he was the one.

"Do me.." You whispered against his lips.

He pulled back and looked at you in surprise. You looked at him all serious. 

"You sure?" He asked low..

You didn't answer him but began to unbuckle his jeans. You pulled them off and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

You looked at him and he smiled slightly. You smiled to yourself knowing he was happy for finally getting all of you and your body.

You threw his wet shirt on the floor and got down on your knees. He looked at you raising his eyebrows. You nodded and pulled his boxers of.

You got up again and he grabbed you by the back of your thighs. 

"I've always wanted to make love to you, baby" He whispered lifting you up. You wrapped your legs around his torso and kissed him down his collarbone. 

You felt his tip at your entrance and suddenly something took away your breath. You moaned and threw your head back. He felt so good. He was so big. As you expected him to be.. but he was that huge.. he felt even bigger in you. 

"Keep going." You moaned making him pick up pace. 

You kept going like that until it didn't hurt anymore.

"Please, baby. Moan my name." He whispered with this hoarse sexy voice you couldn't help but do as he said.

"Justin! Please faster! I want you deep inside me." He did so, but it didn't went on for long before you could feel the ground under you feet. You gave him a questioning look but he just smiled at you. 

Before you could say anything he turned you around and pushed you gently against the wall. You felt him enter you again.. this time he came deeper inside you. You screamed of pleasure an he grabbed your hands entwining your hands.

You melted together in one and you faced how much you actually loved him. He was just afraid of loosing you.. that's why he was at school like he was.

He gently pressed you entwined hands against the wall behind you.

"I love you.." He whispered making love to you.


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